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    Apr. 10, 2003


    I had Bogey, the most incredible horse in the world,....and I always swore to everyone that he'd be mine until the day one of us died....and he did in august. I'll never have another horse like him.


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    Sep. 13, 2002
    South Carolina


    I have to say that everything that comes home with me is there forever no matter what.

    6 horses, 2 billy goats, and I lost count on the barn cats. I found an extra the other day sweet little yellow and white tom cat. I guess someone dumped him.

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    Nov. 19, 2000
    The Southern California freeway system, stuck in an endless commute


    I'm in. In fact, we always have one or two who have earned "most-hallowed lawn ornament status" hanging around El Ranchito.

    The original Beezer, of course, was the first one. He set the tone for all who followed: Milk the deal for all it's worth.

    Then there was Tudor, a wonderful old campaigner who needed to drop down a couple of pegs (he carted around cousins and nieces at their first several shows) before he was ready to settle into retirement. Then came Jazz, truly the fanciest, BIGGEST horse we've ever had; we showed him for years, then he ran the place for years -- to the very end, he wasn't convinced he actually WAS retired and considered himself still the biggest big shot around. I lost my dear Mizzy Hoy, my retired jumper, just a few months ago. The current retiree is Tailor, a veteran of indeterminate years, who won just about everything a confirmed 2-6 horse could win, including assorted county medal finals, for my cousin.

    Since our herd is now pretty much "closed," I imagine that barring one of them doing something to get voted off the island, all of the current kids will live out their days with us. Considering that they vary in age from 3 to lord knows what, I trust that that's a long time away.

    ***** Currently assigned to the mouth-gaping, lip-flapping, head-twisting, wood-chewing, boot-shredding phase of baby greenie ownership! *****
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    Dec. 6, 2003
    Harford County, MD, USA


    My horse (my only one so far) isn't going anywhere I leased him through high school, and then his old owner gave him to me last year. He's an 18 year-old slightly crazy Paint/TB cross.

    He was rescued from slaughter (and severe abuse) in CA as a yearling, and brought across the county by a women who's army husband was being relocated to the East coast. He was so head shy, they couldn't do anything with him, and because of the long trailer trip he's been scared of trailers since The old owner's niece overcame some of the head-shy issue, and taught him some dressage and jumping (he's 17 hh), and he evented a few times. He then did nothing for 10 years because he was huge, still pretty head shy,and too much for kids and teenagers to handle. (I rode for 12 years at a barn owned by a wonderful 4-H leader. Everyone just leased her ponies and horses until they stopped growing and then usually bought their own horses.) But since I was pretty tall at age 14, and pretty laid back and patient, I was elected to start working with him.

    He went to his first real horse show w/ me when he was 13 and I was 16, and he has come a long way since then. He still has bad ground manners (I've tried everything...) and can be a real jerk, but I love him His old owner offered to take him back if I ever can't afford him, (which is hard w/ school), but she isn't particularly wealthy either, and has other horses to take care of. Plus, I don't think I'd ever sell an animal, unless it was a "return to me only" type of deal. And to be honest, he doesn't have "retail value" If he wasn't given to me I would have gotten a nice, sane Standardbred, but he needed someone to take care of him

    Whoa, this was long-sorry

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    Nov. 4, 2003
    Sanger, TX, USA


    Fudge (pushing 30 and my first horse) is with us forever. So is Basque, a 13-year old TB who was diagnosed with EPM 8 months after purchased.
    And I don't see myself getting rid of Cash, 9-year TB who came along when I had to face the fact Basque would never be 100% again.


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    Dec. 21, 2003


    The day I handed $500 dollars to the previous owner and got the yellowhorse along with all her tack, I promised her she'd never be sold or given away, she'd always have ahome with me whether she let me ride her or not. I fell in love with her. It was the best money I ever spent, she was a one in a million horse of a lifetime. At some point I was offered $8000 for her but I turned it down, she is buried in my back field and I miss her every day.
    My blackhorse has a home for life, she was the yellowhorse's best friend, she has been unrideable for a number of year, she is 17 and very healthy excet for her stifle. she is here for life. I got her when she was weaned and at 4 she broke her leg.
    I have placed a few other horses, they just came intomy life and really needed homes, I knew they were passing through but I wanted to get them healthy and trained enough to move on first, I know where they are and they can come back.
    I have a new horse who is here for life. she is a funny, aloof, crafty redhead, she has been a giant pain in the neck but she is a good ride and tries her best.
    At one point I was laid off and thought I would lose the yellowhorse, I had made her a promise, it turned my life around, to get control of my future and make sure she would never be in jeopardy, it was the push I needed to get my own farm, I owe her alot.
    A fat middle aged woman on a big headed horse.

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    Nov. 8, 2001


    I do too. He is my QH gelding that we bred and raised and he has been through a lot with me, but unfortunatley he is lame and will be for a long time but he is fat happy and feral

    I went riding today. Horseback? Sure. It came back before I did

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    Sep. 15, 2003
    Fallingdowns Fish park


    I have a bunch. Splash, a heavey mare that I got at a meat sale, had been very badly abused, and has never let me on her back. I love her dearly, and she's here to stay. Kate was dropped of by a dealer, who was on her way to the meat sale at Kitchener. Big, black, unbroke, extremely headshy, and defensive. Gorgeous horse, and she can jump the moon. She's over at the knee, she toes out, she's cow-hocked, but what a beautiful head, and top-line. She stays. Bill, my stallion, was a rescued pmu foal. He's produced a couple of stellar babies. Annie, (Dancing All Day) another PMU baby, was only 7 weeks old when she came to me, after going through the auction out west, staying at the sales barn for a week, and then being trucked out. She was totally emaciated, was lame behind, and had a huge umbilical hernia. I names her Hiatus Umbilicus-Regina because of it. She is now a solid 15.3 mare, with stunning markings.(She's a pinto). Fury is a standardbred mare that I have taken in, and will breed now and then. She gave me Steve, by Bill(Dancing All Night)this year, and I think Steve(Astaire) will be a keeper, too. Also, there's Polka Dot, my newly adopted pmu mare. She's in foal to a belgian, and I've agreed to keep them both for life. As well as Dancing with Wings, and Dancing in my Heart, my two other adopted pmu mares. Heart is also in foal. I've lost count now, but I think I have a few too many Dancing Lawn Ornaments. Everyone else on the farm is for sale. Thank goodness.

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    If guys can do it, how hard can it be?

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    Nov. 30, 2003


    I have 3 keepers. One is a 23 yr. old appendix QH mare that took care of my husband and son for the few years that they rode. She gave me a now 5 yr. old mare who is a cross with a Percheron. She is green broke and will be brought on the trails this spring. I have my TB mare who I've had since 3 who is now 10 who is off the track and never raced. She is my dressage, trail and beach riding horse.

    They all have a life time with us as they are family.

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    I've got one. He's age 17. Can't be worked anymore. Extremely expensive to keep due to degenerating coffin bones/ and related foot issues due to it. He'll never go anywhere. I adore him, he adores me. He's my mental Oak Tree. I 'thought' I had to completely retire him earlier last year. It's been about nine months of work, and research. I 'think' he may be up for a bit of more fun at this point. Yes!! Barklay with a heart the size of Texas.
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    Aug. 6, 1999


    Who doesn't have a forever home with me? Let's see. We gave my short stirrup pony, Honey Bear, a forever home. She was pony clubbed for years and then was a schooling pony. We were her first real one-on-one owners in years and we loved her so much that she was retired when I out grew her. She passed away, in her 30's, when I was a senior in college.

    My large pony was purchased for $425 w/ delivery as a companion in 1984 for the above pony. We found him tied to a tree at a riding camp. He had a western saddle on him that was so big it almost touched his tail. He was "difficult". Turned out that he didn't neck rein for them because he was trained to drive. So, with a little bit of training, he made a wonderful english pony and ended up winning in good company at some "A" shows. He is mostly retired now- except for teaching my three year old son to ride.

    My junior hunter was purchased as a five year old. He carried me safely around from everything from the maiden equitation to 3'6. He was for sale once, but he dumped the girl that tried him as if to say, "No, I like you guys and I am staying right here." So , he did. He is 26 years old and totally retired. He is the happiest camper when there are treats around, but he will pin his ears at me when he sees me getting ready to ride. He just wants to remind me that he is off limits.

    My new horse is a draftX. My first thought when I saw his face was that he looked exactly like the first pony- oh great. So, I tried him for 20 minutes, fell in love just like I did when I was a kid, didn't vet him and put him on the van for home. I swear that my short stirrup pony has been reincarnated. He is only four, so I did the math and and I will probably be riding him when I am in my 50's. That will be just fine.

    GA Clique/Drafties Clique
    Live Large- Ride a Drafty!

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    Nov. 28, 2003


    i won't take on an animal that can't stay here for life. i have horses because i love them for what they are. animals, in general, are far better teachers, companions, and are easily more trustable for me. i would be lost without an animal in my yard/home.
    all in good time

    RIP and clover, Barbaro

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    Dec. 5, 2000


    I can say that my 2 school horses Basile and TP, my school pony Dusty, my broodmare (my old jr jumper) Pretty Perfect, my other broodmare (ex jumper) Zena are all here to stay. Once they earn enough gold stars they are not going anywhere (not that anybody would actually pay much for any of them!!!they are worth their weight in gold to me! I have had crazy offers on Basile and TP in the last 5 yrs though! The answer has always been NO!

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    Aug. 12, 2001
    Trailer Trash Ammy!


    The Ave-man, of course.


    "Those who use horses just for the business are crass, classless horsemen."
    --George Morris
    "The standard you walk by is the standard you accept."--Lt. Gen. David Morrison, Austalian Army Chief

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    Oct. 21, 1999
    Rochester, NY


    All my animals are lifers. My two "geezers" are both retired and will be with me until they go to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Promise is 21 years old now, she was four when I bought her, my very first horse. She was diagnosed with a cracked pelvis at five, and has been a lawn ornament ever since. She has earned her keep, though, by being my rock when I am in difficult places. She's normally kind of aloof, but when I hurt, she seems to know and she lets me hug her and cry on her shoulder. She has the most adorable whinny, sound like she is under water, and I love hearing that every time I walk into the barn. She is frail, and has been sick a lot. I didn't think I would ever get her to her 20's and I treat every day with her as a precious jewel.

    Then there is Stormy, 29 years old now, and bought when he was 20. He is a pain in the butt, a terrible ride for an insecure and timid rider (oh, lets see how fast I can terrify this one) and has terrible feet that we have been struggling(very expensively) since the day I got him to improve. He is also the biggest goof and has the warmest heart of any horse I have ever seen. He's been retired for a few years now, and I hope he will go on forever.

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    My first horse was a wonderful Quarter Horse & I had him 26 out of his 30 years. Once I got him, I made a promise that he would never get shifted around again and that he would have a wonderful retirement. And that he did. There were times when he and my loving cat ate, and I did not -- and we survived a divorce. He was a wonderful horse and we had many years of great fun together.

    Happy Hour is definitely the horse-of-a-lifetime, and I (we) will NEVER, EVER sell him to anyone. He's the most kind, loving, affectionate, personable, willing, sensible creature I've ever known and I love him dearly. A number of people have been interested in purchasing him, and I just get a pleasant & appreciative smile on my face and very glady reply in the negative...

    My big boy (18H) is out of our exquisite Trakehner mare who died in 1998. Both she and my Quarter Horse are up on the hill under the trees. He too is a "lifer" and I love him dearly. He was our first "home grown" baby -- and what a big boy he is now!

    In May '03, our very nice TB mare (she's a keeper too!) gave birth to a fabulous colt by our stallion. While he was "supposed" to be for sale (that was the original idea), he's SOOO nice in all respects (not being barn blind either...), and has his father's temperment, SOOO we've decided to keep him. It's just amazing how quickly he stole my heart!

    A year and a half ago, we imported an absolutely lovely purebred Trakehner weanling filly (she's getting even better every day) -- she was to be Happy Hour's future ladyfriend. She is the most personable, kind and sweet filly. But, since I probably won't sell anything that we would breed, it probably makes best sense to stick to the "daddy" end of the equation. Very regretfully, she is probably the one we will have to sell as we just have too many. But, we shall see. We'll take her out this year to some breed shows and work with her. If the "right" person comes along, well then maybe...

    For the most part, it's a lifetime commitment when I have a horse. I'd never make a good sales person, as I just can't part with them!

    "HAPPY HOUR" & Hawk's Run Trakehners
    \"HAPPY HOUR\" & Hawk\'s Run Trakehners

    \"The only price of admission is curiosity.\"
    Proud Member of Team Barbaro!

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    Feb. 21, 2003
    New Jersey


    I always said I'd have my mare forever... but there were different ideas in store. She has a great home with a 12 year old girl who loves her to pieces, rides for fun, and brushes her daily. We also have an agreement that if she EVER decides to sell that I'm the first person she contacts. SO Pink and I have already decided to set an ammount of money aside for those reasons come spring just in case.

    Did I mention their building her her own barn?

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    Apr. 18, 2001
    upstate NY


    All of my horses have a forever home with me. I couldn't do it any other way. There are way too many people who have good intentions but still allow their horses to exist in misery, or to be sold into misery. I cannot stand to see wonderful older horses "go down the road" because there rider "outgrew" them. I get sad every time I think of the horses that I know who ended up in way less than favorable conditions even though their previous owners thought they had found a great home for them. I will step down from my soapbox now.

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    Jan. 26, 2000
    SW of Olde Hogtown


    My beautiful old broodmares have a forever home with me. They have given me many beautiful babies and great joy. Of course, their babies are either for sale or were sold, but the mommies are with me for life.

    I appreciate them!

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    Aug. 20, 2003


    I had my forever pony til she passed away, I rescued/leased a couple horses that I knew came in as a temporary stop, now I have my forever horse. They don't have to be fancy, spectacular or even what you had thought you wanted in order to turn out being what you need.

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