WISH I had gotten a pix of it to share, but don't have one yet....however, as mom was taking down the Christmas tree, I again marveled at one of my most favorite gifts this year: A gorgeous hand blown Christmas ornament....heavy glass, cobalt blue orb, hand signed. Daughter and hubby try to find one unique blue ornament each year. (Sometimes teal) Its one of our traditions. But here's the double whammy: this was bought/comes from Warrenton, VA....and here is the printed info that accompanied it: "This blown glass ornament is unique unto itself with custom colors and patterns. This was hand-crafted by Richard Phalen of Warrenton, VA in 2013. A farrier by trade and a degreed master potter, Richard has also been the official Gold Cup Farrier for the past 20 years"

Now, any of you horsey people and especially Virginia (!) horsey people can appreciate just how cool that is, and that she found such a perfect gift on so many levels.