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    Exclamation Incredible Story: Two Horses Save Injured Woman's Life

    It's almost too bad that Domino didn't catch the would-be rapist, that would have been karma! Just Wow. Horses are so amazing!

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    HOLY COW!!

    Is there an address where we can send carrots! what great boys!

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    incredible story!
    guess it's like the herd fighting off a predator, right?
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    That's what I was going to say ~ they saw a herd member being attacked by a predator and took action. Very cool!

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    The Arabs have used horses as watch dogs for centurys.

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    I'm not surprised. We used to have a psycho cow, she lived with the herd of horses, ate hay nose to nose with them. One day she head-butted DH and knocked him down. The lead mare came to his rescue and stood over the top of him until he got his breath back and hobbled out of the pasture. This mare wasn't even very friendly with people, and I couldn't catch her for nothing, though she was the one I'd put kids on for a pony ride because she was very smart and could be trusted. Same psycho cow, different year, started shaking her head and threated to charge. This time it was a 2 or 3 year old gelding that was watching. He got between cow and person and proceeded to chase the cow off. Horses are smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.

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    A herd of a few horses protected a man from coyote by gathering around the man & kicking the predator, I read some time ago.

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    We when lived in Colorado, we had a chestnut filly that we had sort of rescued from the killer buyer. One day, I hear a lot of screaming from the back and run out. Our older cat, who hardly ever went out of the yard (non-climb) was in the south pasture battling with a strange black cat. Annie
    comes racing up and chases the black cat to the fence. Scooped up our cat who was declawed all four (came that way) and fortunately no major damage.

    What was odd is that the filly didn't really know our cat...he didn't hang out around the barn or the pastures. He did like to go out in the yard and sun himself. That was first (and his last time) outside the fence. But the filly picked the cat that didn't belong there to chase off.

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    What good boys!

    On a side note: that animal behaviorist named in the article is really named Glyn Redgrave? And a man?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MistyBlue View Post
    On a side note: that animal behaviorist named in the article is really named Glyn Redgrave? And a man?
    Think Glenn. That said, I have known at least one male Beverly, one Lynn, and one Evelyn and those were male names before female.

    Back to the protection thing - I have been pulled out of the mud more than once by Mr Fussy and now that he is gone, Wallkicker has been assuming some of the duties of making sure I don't fall, or something. When I get unsteady on my poor old pins, he comes and walks by my free hand. This morning, just because I wasn't where he thought I should be and was just standing there looking around, he came back to see if I needed help. Offered his head and then realised I was just watching the cats play......stomped off in what seemed to be disgust.
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