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    Mar. 14, 2007

    Default Hay barns (or storage) and outbuildings

    Hey, guys. I'm hoping to get good input and opinions on this:

    Little 'converted' outbuilding, 'into a barn' is tin...(of course lined with wood half walls where horses are)
    that is laid out like this:

    one end: 12 x 24 run in.
    this adjoins (tin wall/wood lined) via a dutch door into 'aisleway' of:

    20 x 24 'barn' of two stalls, and enclosed aisleway.

    this adjoins (again via a tin wall but lined on horse side /barn side only)

    20 x 24 'workshed/storage' area.

    well. I know, a 'haybarn' or hay storage should be only allowed to be in direct addition if there is a fire wall. So, I 'd intended this to be a feed storage/week hay storage area....but right now it would also share a work bench, tools, and lawn mowing equipment/gas cans, etc, along an opposite wall.

    The real "hay barn' will be yet to come....and, will hopefully be large enough to have a truck parking area, and a trailer parking.....But my question to you guys is: DOES a 'hay barn or hay storage HAVE to be totally separate? I'm trying to figure out? If I must still plan to build TWO structures in addition to what I have, or one? can I safely keep lawn mowing/(or compact tractor if I go that way) and gas cans/items needed for them....anywhere there is hay? can I keep them next to the barn that I have the 20 x 24 space in? Or do I need: structure for any equipment and / or gas / or tools...PLUS structure for any hay ...PLUS structure for any vehicles...etc?

    Not sure what to plan, what to consider grouping together? (and problem is: this is a tiny property so I need to be very careful and be sure of what I'm doing and using)

    "Indecision may or may not be my problem"
    --Jimmy Buffett

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    Nov. 27, 2011
    My Little Bit of Heaven


    You can do what you want but opinions here will differ on the safety of keeping hay next to horses.

    I'm in the 'keep the hay separate' camp, although I do keep four or five bales in my horse barn.

    It's not only the fire risk for me but also the added dust and keeping the hay aerated properly during the humid months. I keep fans running in my hay barn from April to November and the hay is on double pallets. I just don't have the room to do that in my horse barn.

    I personally don't like equipment in my hay barn either as there is always an added risk when moving a mower/tractor etc..

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    Mar. 14, 2007


    Thanks, Cluck. I appreciate each and every input~!

    So, I"m hearing I need two more dwellings in addition to the barn. One ONLY for hay storage, one ONLY for trucks, trailer and farm equipment.


    I just wondered if everyone can afford to separate all of these
    ---not to mention pay the varying electricity to them. (yeah, don't need it for the hay storage, but certainly need it to the equiptment bay).....and already paid for it to the barn location...but now, seems I shouldn't have /store equiptment there.)
    "Indecision may or may not be my problem"
    --Jimmy Buffett

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