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    Jun. 14, 2006


    I've got very brave birds at my house I guess. I go out to refill the feeders and they don't even LEAVE. They just sit in the bushes (3 feet away) and wait for me to finish up! Don't even get me started on my acrobatic squirrels. They make me laugh on a daily basis.

    If you guys are into other kinds of birdwatching, this group is need. The Raptor Resource Project has webcams set up (for eagles, owls, etc). It was so fun to watch all of the babies hatch out the last few years!
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    Feb. 6, 2003


    I bought a handy little laminated multi-fold Birds Of New England guide last year at the feed store. Wicked easy to identify birds with.
    I usually have the same winter birds daily:
    Black capped chickadees
    Tufted titmice
    Dark Eyed Juncos
    White Breasted Nut Hatch
    Downy woodpeckers
    Blue Jays
    House Finches
    Chipping Sparrows

    And a bunch of squirrels, one black.

    Once in a while a Pileated Woodpecker stops by, boy are those huge!

    And then there's always the 4 crows & Gwen, I haven't seen Tish in a while.
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    Sep. 5, 2011


    Are you sure you have "House Finches" & not "Purple Finches"?

    I only ask because not only are they extremely similar in appearance, but the House Finch has been almost completely decimated thanks to a type of conjunctivitus that zeroes in on that species in particular.

    The last time I saw any House Finches around here was during the last really big blizzard we had a few years ago. It was fairly easy to distinguish them because they were side-by-side with the Purple Finches, thus making it easier to tell them apart. But since then, Purple Finches only around here. Sad, because I enjoy them both.

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    May. 4, 2003


    Just yesterday, on a glorious Spring day with warm sun and snow-capped mountains in the view, I went to Delta near Vancouver to see the Snow owls.
    The area is now a world protected site. Every few years these birds get starved out of the north and have to come down here to feed...on the lemming cycle.

    They arrive close to starving and exhaused. There are always many bird watchers with huge lenses taking photos. We are warned not to go off the dyke or get so close to them to make them fly as it would deplete their resources that they need to hunt. But they don't mind - they just sit on logs and stareback at us, even sitting in a warehouse yard on pallets with all the machinery working all around them.

    Then they fly back in time for mating season.
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    Nov. 23, 2001
    Catharpin, Virginia


    I particlulary like seeing the hairy and downy woodpeckers show up at the suet feeder. And of course the little guys to watch. I've been a birder since I was 6 years old.

    I keep one feeder with finch feed and millet. The other with hulled sunflower seeds...and 2 suit feeds all at the same station between/under 3 large cedar trees right outside my front door.

    Sometimes it's like looking at the Olympic village.

    No squirrels dogs them away.

    Can't wait for the Wood Ducks to show up this Spring at the pond/creek. They are so beautiful, but painfully skiddish. I have 60 acres near no traffic or roads with ton of woods surrounding me, so I think it's their perfect spot.

    SO glad this this thread was started. Most of my friends since childhood think I'm a dork about birding. Guess I'm not the only one.

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