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    Default Breed Show folks-how do you go low & slow?

    I made the jump into showing at breed (APHA) shows with my two Hunters & I'd love to add HUS to our list of classes so I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. My gelding will go slow with lots of counter work, lateral work, & uphill work but he looses quiet a but of his really soft relaxed into the bridle round (ness). My mare is naturally low round & driving but she's got a big moving canter. Both do very well over fences, so does anyone have any tips for getting that slack rein soft & easy canter?

    *If I could afford it they'd both go to my idol Beth Case....
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    Slow your own rhythm and the horse will almost always slow its tempo to match. Getting them supple and lifted in the back makes them want to reach forward and down if they start out working correctly - thus the stretchy circles in lower level dressage tests.

    I used to show a QH, and my secret to getting his head down was performing shoulder fore when he wanted to lift his head. It was his remind to lift his back and keep his hind end under him, and that automatically put his head back where I wanted, no reins needed.
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    It is the lifting of the back/shoulders. Some western folk did this through their horses trying to get their belly out of the way of the 'spur stop' , or crabbing along with haunches in, but you can also do it by holding your hands way up in a gag action and squeezing with legs until they follow your hands up with their front end, and you feel the withers come up underneath you as they engage behind, then letting them lower their heads when they tuck their nose and want to lower. (I visualize sucking my horse's withers up into my lap). Others do this by constantly checking forward motion while legging them up, but I prefer not to constantly pull on their face. Most people that do the fence classes forego the HUS, and consider the Hunter Hack their flat class. You need an exceptional horse to ribbon in the HUS and in the fence classes, as that would call for an amazing level of adjustability in frame and brain. Your fence horse needs the instant lengthening response to heel pressure, and the rail-only HUS horses do not. I did it with one horse by changing bit/bridle, but he was pretty smart and it was a more than a decade ago when competition was easier.
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    Thank you! I'm on my silly overcomplicated smart phone.
    We tend to have a Dressage base coming from a pony club background both already do the hack well I am just hoping to get them into more of a true all around hunter. My mare gets looks in her hunter frame so I'm hoping if we can slow her down & get her a tad lower we'll start placing in the HUS.

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