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    Dec. 20, 2007

    Default The endless cold and finding unmounted horsey stuff to do

    I've been sick for over a month now and it sucks! My doctor said it's viral, and nothing can be done. Apparently it's been going around this year and has been a pretty common problem

    With my nose either stuffed totally shut, or leaking like a faucet and the cough I've had, it's been impossible to ride. I've started doing some lungeing work, and free jumping, but it's a lot of work to set up a whole chute and fences and then take it all down when it feels like you're breathing broken glass.

    I thought about taking my guy for a hand walk down the road to the forest, but was wondering about the safety aspects...Does anyone else do this?

    I'd probably want to take him with either his bridle on and a lead shank clipped to the bit, or have him wear a halter with chain over his nose, but what about blankets and boots and such? He hacks out fairly well, but can still be a bit spooky about new things and I really don't want to set up a disaster if it can be avoided.

    I'm also looking for other fun things that we can do to help keep him fit and interested until I'm ok to get back into the tack again - any ideas would be appreciated!

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    Aug. 26, 2010
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    I used to board at a large facility that had about 200 acres with trails. A lady used to hand walk her old gelding all over the property. During the summers when it was too hot to ride I did this too. I think it depends on your horse, my horse was pretty trust worthy and the property was completely fenced off.

    You may want to consider longe line work, long reins and even clicker training.

    Also, clean your tack. Clean out and reorganize your tack trunk. List the stuff you aren't using on ebay.
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    You could teach yourselves to ground drive, and going for walks is actually pretty safe. It's sort of disgusting but the spooky horse I had tended to ignore things if I was there to get eaten first.

    If you are that sick though, I'd really stay inside or do less taxing things like organize your tack or get a handle on your horse show budget. Turn him out more, he really won't mind!
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    Dec. 20, 2007


    I have already taken apart every piece of tack I own and cleaned it to perfection, reorganized my locker, all my trunks and cleaned all of my boots, pads, wraps, bandages etc. Folded and stored and washed all blankets, and took pics and listed all of m unused tack locally

    As for the walking, I'M going stir crazy lol, I've been cooped up for what seems like an eternity and I'm craving barn time like nobody's business!! Since the weather has been so mild, it's been making me itch to be out and about, so I'm going to layer up and brave the outdoors

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    Dec. 28, 2003
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    The fresh air will be good for you just don't work up a sweat and get chilled.

    Taking them for walks is great. It gets them out and helps with thier minds. You can work on loading if he is not good at it and go for small drives.
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    Mar. 5, 2007
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    I took my mare on a hand walk yesterday and it was good fun bonding time, so I definitely recommend it.

    Feel better soon!!

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    Feb. 7, 2007


    Have you tried an antiviral like Valtrex? I can't believe after so much time, you still are infected - viruses are not very hardy and often cause a fever, which kills them. To me (not a doctor but a medical writer) something just doesn't sound right. I would first go see another doctor.

    Feel better!

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