So, my horse has been consistently (knock on wood) back in work for a few months, after more than 2 years of lameness and mystery issues. We are working again, WTC, flat work, cavaletti, she's a star.

Last week I bring her in and her right hind is covered with scrapes because she was mixing it up w/ the queen bee in her field. No real work for a few days, the scrapes are now healing nicely.

Tonight, the scrapes look good (clean, dry, healing, cool to the touch) but when I tack her up, she coughs and sneezes, and so our ride is quite low key. No temp, but a snotty nose, we'll be watching her for any sign of something more serious. I'm sure it will be fine in a few days, and if not. the vet will be out pronto.

Annoying things all.

But all I could think was "She's sound! I can deal with anything else as long as she's not lame again!"

I swear, nearly anything short of colic is better than mystery lameness recurring.