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    Jun. 17, 2008

    Default Laser surgery for horse that roars...

    Has anyone had the laser surgery done on a horse to fix roaring? I am getting ready to try the electro acupuncture on my horse but if that doesn't work, my fall back plan is to get the laser surgery done.

    I was specifically wondering how long the horse has to be out of work after the surgery. Also, what (if any) special management do you have to do for a horse that has had this surgery. I have heard that if you have the tie-back done the horse needs to be fed from buckets on the ground, no hay in the trailer, etc. I assume the same would hold true for a horse that had the laser surgery but would be very interested in hearing other folks experiences.


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    Aug. 24, 2004
    Danielsville, PA


    My OTTB had the laser surgery at new bolton before I purchased him. I would NOT suggest this surgery. This poor horse coughs constantly, always has stuff coming out of his nose and when he drinks there is a backwash that comes out of his nose. I've had him checked out and there is nothing that can be done.

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    May. 17, 2003


    I had a regular tie back done on one of mine 10 years ago. We don't take him swimming, we do feed off the ground anyway, but apart from that, no great issues. I think he was off work for 6 weeks post surgery.

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