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    Default Fence Posts and Entrance Gates

    We are in the planning stages for building our second pasture and need some advice. We completed our first pasture just in time for the arrival of the horses and did the best we could with what we could find at the hardware stores. For that pasture we did a no-climb mesh with a wooden board along the top, 4x4 posts along the fence line and 6x6's at the corners and gates.

    I have since read that 4x4's are not recommended and am not really sure why. We went to the farm store this afternoon and learned that they carry 6" half rounds and are thinking of upgrading to them. We would be using no-climb mesh again. Do you guys think it would be worth it to switch to the larger half round posts?

    Second question...I purchased a 14' gate to go across the gravel driveway but haven't installed it yet. After seeing all the delivery trucks come and go from the farm I'm starting to wonder if I should buy a 16' gate instead. Do any of you guys have 14' entrance gates?

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    I have 1 14 foot gate between pastures and it is awkward but that is the way the spacing worked out. If I was going to put in a 16 foot gate I would go with 2 8 foot gates instead.
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    Or an 8 and a 10 with a little overlap.

    The wider the better if you have vehicles driving through. I watched an EMT/ambulance have to back and fill to approach an arena gate dead on - I thought the gate was plenty wide but the truck had to approach at an angle because of the trailers and what not and I guess they are pretty wide and they weren't comfortable with that.

    We had four inch gate posts years ago and one of the horses decided to run off and barrel through the gate - it was a simple slip bar gate with only one bar up - the young lady hit the four inch post with her knee and the post snapped clean off at the ground,

    Six inch stand up to harder use and lasts longer. The half rounds aren't necessary for wire but are very nice for planks.
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    Cars, trucks are never much more then 8’wide, most farm equipment 10’ to 12’ so depending on your equipment and or a difficult approach either would work. Anything bigger then a light weight 14’ would need a sizable post and cemented. I am not a fan of wire fencing, keep safe, V wire, etc. Don’t think the added expense over oak boards warrants the exercise. I’ve seen some nasty things happen when a horse gets its leg caught under it. Extracting them from the “Chinese handcuffs” is difficult. I don’t care how well it is installed. If the top rail is not oak it will become a maintenance nightmare. But we live in PA where oak is plentiful, $4-6 per 16’ board. If you only have pine to work with then go with wire. 4X4 should be avoided. 4X6 treated pine work well enough, oak or locust are best.
    I agree with ReSomething the added expense of half rounds is not necessary with wire.
    If you are a DIY wire is not easy to install correctly it has to be “stretched” as it is being installed. Otherwise it will look pretty shabby in short order.

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    front entrance gate.... check with the fire department to see what they deem necessary

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    If in doubt and possible, go bigger.
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    We've had no trouble with a 12 footer as our front gate--a 12 yard dump truck had no issue. I highly recommend using a gate wheel to support your gates, makes it so easy to open and shut, and saves your gate post. We used RR ties (#1, best quality) as our corners and gate posts, mainly because they were left by the previous owner, but they've worked very well.

    We used 6" posts and metal T posts with field fencing for our perimeter fencing. Wood doesn't last long here in the PNW, regardless of type or treatment.

    The only issue with 4 x 4" posts is they are pretty breakable and hard to attach much of the rail to it, too easy for a horse to crash thru.
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    My entrance gate is 2 - 12' gates on cut telephone poles set in concrete. Overkill maybe. The reason I went with such a large opening is that the driveway is not straight in from the road (angles at about 45 degrees) and the apron from the road that was put in by the county is about 22' so I did not want to poke holes in the asphalt they put in. Normally I only open one side as it is not a problem to get through with the cars. I open the second gate for hay deliveries and when I am pulling a trailer.

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    Simple math 4x4 actually 3.5 x3.5 = 12.25 square inches

    6x6 actually 5.5 x 5.5 = 30.25 square inches ... more than double the wood almost 3x .

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