A dear friend has a Braque Francais pointer that needs a home asap. He is scheduled to be put down next Tuesday.

Euth MAY be the best option for this dog - but I'm putting a word out anyway just in case someone can handle his situation.

My friend rescued the dog. He is nervous, anxious, and bites children. Doesn't rip them apart - but snaps and bites them. My friend is beyond terrified that a child will get hurt. He doesn't bite her two kids - but any other kid in the neighborhood that visits.

He is great with her other Braque and gets along good in the household. I don't know about cats. She says he doesn't like men either.

My friend boards him in our commercial boarding kennel when she travels. I have never had a problem with him. I use him commands (sit, stay, etc) in a firm voice, tell him to back up, wait for food, etc. He's never looked twice at me. My aunt walked into the kennel while he was loose in there with me and he barked and growled and she went right back out the door. He didn't charge her - but I think he may have if she didn't leave. Again - I can use firm commands and hug on him and he is fine with me.

I know euth is most likely the best option - but thought I'd give a shout out in case someone with experience wants a guard dog. He looks like a typical Barque but with red/white not brown/white. He has a red nose and yellowish eyes. He is house trained and crate trained (she crates him whenever there is any company in the house). He does exhibit anxious behavior while at my kennel - almost passive agressive type dog.

If anyone is interested email me privately - as I won't check this board often enough. Thanks. diabloshalo@yahoo.com