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    Question wither clearance Stubben Siegfried?

    I may have the opportunity to get my hands on a lovely older Siegfried. I would be trading for a saddle of mine that doesn't fit any of my horses, and I think the Stubben has a pretty decent chance of fitting (I won't be able to try before the trade).

    My biggest challenge with all my guys is big ol' TB withers. My mare goes happily in an old Lovatt and Ricketts -- the best saddle I've ever seen in terms of wither clearance + shoulder room.

    Anyone have experience fitting the Siegfried (I think it's the VSSG) to big withers, relatively curvy backs?


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    Aug. 30, 2011


    Stubben Siegfrieds, ime, are usually very curvy and have tall pommels, which is good for withers. That said, I thinks the curvyness depends on hold old the saddle is- eg- one of my guys (TB) has a pretty flat back and a moderate wither. A 20ish yr old stubben siegfried was too curvy for him and rocked, but a 30+ yr old siegfried was much flatter and just right for him. I have also had TBs whose withers were too high+ too thin for a stubben. So, in general, I think that type of saddle works for horses with withers.

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