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    Default Sample Half-Lease Contracts?

    Planning to do my first half lease with my 8 yo TB gelding. I'd never have thought of it, but my trainer just popped the question - an advanced teen needs a horse to ride, and trainer thinks my boy might be a good fit for her. I'm struggling to fit in enough rides with full time job as it is, and I have a TB mare getting backed at a trainers this spring - when she comes home I'll have two to ride.

    So the more I thought about the half lease idea, the better it sounds. BUT I know I need a good contract. I did search for prior threads on this, and saw many offers to PM a sample contract - can I request that folks who have such a thing PM or email it to me? Best not to start from scratch!

    Also any pitfalls to watch out for. The plan is she pays 1/2 board & farrier bill for 3 rides a week. Horse stays at current barn with my trainer who is also her trainer. Figure she can eventually show or clinic him at her cost if it doesn't conflict with something I want to do. Never done this before, so any tips on managing this & avoiding issues appreciated!

    Email: or PM, thanks!

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    couple of other things you could include:

    - stipulations around tack use (yours? hers? who cleans it? who replaces if something breaks?)
    - cancellation clause (ex. either parties can do so with 30 days notice)
    - outline payment expectations (do you expect your cheque by the 1st of the month? do you want several month's worth of post-dates cheques?)

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