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    Default joint supplements for "prevention"?

    Our beloved Lab of 13ys was sent over the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2010. He was huge for a lab - standing 24" at the shoulder and weighing in at around 150lbs. He looked like a cross between a Great Dane and a Lab, but I know the breeder and saw both parents - he was ALL Lab (just a freak of genetics much like Secretariat). I started him on joint supplements at around 2 years of age. My vet and I attribute his long life (for that size) because of the early supplementation.
    Now - I have another lab, just turned 2 also, but is a NORMAL size lab. He weighs in at just a hair under 80lbs, and is VERY active. We compete in dock diving events, and I want to make sure that I do everything possible to keep him healthy & live a long pain, free life.

    Any suggestions for a decent maintanence type of joint product? I had always used Cosequin products for my old lab, but there are so many choices - that maybe I'm overlooking a better product. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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    I like Dasuquin, and used it for my old lady dog. Can't say she had any issues that need a supplement, but it made me feel better to give her one

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    I have been giving my pup a supplement from a company called Horse Tech called Hylasport. I have been using a similar product for my horse. I decided to supplement my pup as she is very active, always running and wrestling with my sis's 85lb shepherd collie mix.(my dog is around 30lbs)The supplement contains, glucosamine, chrondointin, msm, hylaronic acid.

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