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    Nov. 19, 2006

    Default I'm Insane.

    Took all 6 of my household pets to the vet this morning.

    Four Cats and Two Dogs.

    Everyone did pretty good all said and done, the cats of course serenaded me on the way to and from the vet. 3 in carriers one loose on a kitty leash.

    Everyone but Tika and Mika got a clean bill of health, turns out they had round worms, I was suspicious as they had started having loose stools and whatnot, but it wasn't coccadia like I originally though.

    Dogs were first, the Vet is very happy with Sebastian's weight especially with his legs and joint issues, told us to keep up the joint supplements and keep his weight where its at on the lean side. Kyra is good as she is, they were both praised as being good dogs and easy to deal with.

    Next was the cats, Nero did good, he has dirty ears but otherwise was given a clean bill told he was a good boy. Next was Tobay, he stayed in his carrier the entire time, told them be careful he can be temperamental. But even he did ok, they were not able to get a fecal done on him however, quess who gets to bring one in for them? After Tobay was Tika, and who did the vets all remember? TIKA! They remember her from her kitten exam and she couldnt stop purring and spreading the love during the entire exam purrpurrpurr. Luckily the vet was able to hear her heartbeat over her purring. Mika was also a purrer however she is a stress purrer, he could hear her heart as well he said they both have good strong heartbeats. Aside from the round worms clean bill of health. Tika continued to shower the love on everyone and everything in the vet office, everyone is under her spell of love and attention, they all adored her.

    The ride home was a bit more eventful though and not in a good way, Mika got so stressed out she shat in her carrier.... *sighs* things were going really well until that point. Got home and she was covered in it. Aside from that the vet visit went really good! However was more expensive than I budgeted for cut hard into my saddle fund..... *sighs*

    Anyway pictures!
    Kyra and Sebastian



    Love bug Tika (I'm in love with her too so its ok!)

    Nero is hiding so no picture of him. ^_^;;
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    Aug. 13, 2008


    Your animals are cute! And I don't know what's worse, taking that many animals to the vet at once, or paying the bill. I think the most I have brought in at once was 3 or 4.

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    Feb. 14, 2003
    Windward Farm, Washougal, WA- our work in progress, our money pit, our home!


    I feel you! We took all 6 dogs in once--complete chaos, I swear. They range in size from 10lbs. to 120lbs. The Aussie refuses to walk on tile or linoleum, the Wee Rescue Mutt bites, so he gets a muzzle, the Corgi LOVES everyone, and rolls over to expose himself to rubbing of tummy at every opportunity, the Schnoodle hums incessantly, and the Wolfhound mix bounces--boing, boing--all 100 plus pounds of him! Good, good times were had by all. Never, ever again.
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    Nov. 2, 2001
    In Jingle Town


    And I thought I was crazy lugging 3 cat carriers to the vet!

    (hear you on the serenade though! When the Bengal gt fixed, I told the vet about how they might be sensitive to the gas anesthesia, so he took her home with him. Originally the receptionist told me I need not come to get her before 12 the next day...they called me at 10 "he's on his way, you can come pick her up" She was 'talking' to him the whole time! )
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