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    Feb. 9, 2006

    Default Neutering an older dog - a question

    So, we're ready to give a home to another dog, preferably of the smaller, cheekier variety.

    Met a very jolly Pekingese at the local pound the other day, who was ferociously healthy (eyes, ears, teeth, etc - he let me inspect them closely without a flicker) if a bit thin and absolutely filthy - found on the streets, poor thing. Listed as an 8yo, although I suspect quite a bit younger, say 4ish perhaps.

    He's un-neutered, and when we took him out for a test-walk, or should I say high-speed zip around the snowbanks, fur and tail flying with glee, he pee'd on everything with great gusto.

    He seems well-socialised enough, friendly, and pretty responsive/attentive, but he was very focussed on pee'ing on everything, indoors as well as outdoors, although he was better indoors.

    I do appreciate that most dogs aren't at their "best" when at the pound - they're generally stressed out, which manifests itself in weird and wonderful ways.

    There were lots of other dogs bopping about, all being hauled around happily by prospective owners, and he wasn't particularly interested in them.

    Given he's at the pound, not neutering is not an option.

    Question is: do you think that neutering will help curtail his enthusiastic drive to mark his (low) territory at every opportunity, or will he be too stuck in his ways, and it'll be a perennial problem?

    (I grew up with Pekingeses on the family farm, and they were awesome - fun, energetic, sociable, if strong-willed, so I do - vaguely - know what I'm getting into with the breed, although ours were all spayed females)

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    It might help, but more likely being in another kind of environment and with some training about appropriate places to urinate will help more. Neutering can't hurt, might help.

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    Jun. 11, 2004
    Still here ~ not yet there


    I neutered my Rottie/Heeler cross when he was 10yrs old and his behavior did not change one bit. Couldn't even tell I'd done it.

    Of course, he was a well-mannered (if slightly alpha) kind of guy anyway and would NEVER pee in the house.

    Remember, the pound will bring out the worst in a dog. I agree that training and careful watching/monitoring are more likely to be more effective....although of course you should neuter him.

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    Jul. 26, 2001
    Toronto, Canada.


    Years ago we adopted an intact pomeranian. He was about 8-10 years old,and we had him neutered. Unfortunatley it was too late by the time we got him, and a few weeks later was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We had a few good months with him and he was a lovely, well behaved dog....for a pom

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    Dec. 14, 2006

    Thumbs up 8yo intact unhousebroken male

    I welcomed into my apt a show dog who had never been housebroken. He is also a toy breed notoriously difficult to housebreak.

    Neutering is required because he's a pound hound, right? So your question should really be: can this dog be housebroken?

    I used crates, tethering, and puppy schedule ie if his eyes are open he must have to pee . I also made bellybands because of all the stories I heard. There was some marking initially but honestly I am not sure it was the new guy or my old guy, who was then diagnosed with a bladder infection.

    He developed his own alert system if he has to pee while I am sleeping (whining). He fully understands no peeing or pooping in the house even after 7 years of doing exactly that.

    Tethering also helped him bond and look to me for his needs.

    Our agility classes are at a doggie daycare. Every inch has been "christened" as some point. Intact agility dogs will hike their legs on the walls!!! Instructor says, 'Well, he's intact.' So is mine and he would never dream of peeing in here! I am super proud since so many said he would be living in bellybands.

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    Jan. 10, 2010


    i don't have any intelligent neutering input..............just wow, you started my morn off with a chuckle.....
    first of all ,the description of a "cheekier" breed made me think small terrier, but when you said peke, i had to really PERFECT is that description??..their appearance, plus disposition goes right with that, i love it.....and THEN, to picture a peke as a barn dog really tickled me! untraditional, out of the box, and wonderful!..
    is the hair a problem, or do you keep it trimmed to avoid all the nasties at the barn?....congrats, and hope all goes well!

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    Sep. 24, 2009


    All the marking may have been because he was excited to get out after being in a kennel ... that may calm down when you get him home even before you get him snipped.

    My dog was 4is when he got fixed. He is 11 now and still marks everywhere OUTSIDE, but never in the house. When I walked him with my old dog, who was fixed at a pretty young age, old dog would go in one spot, then the younger guy would always pee on TOP of where the old man peed.

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    May. 3, 2004


    I have three retired racing Greyhounds...two males and a female.
    These dogs are not neutered until after their racing career is over....they could be anywhere from 18 months to 5 years old.

    They also spend their lives in crates in a kennel and are 'crate trained', but certainly not housebroken.
    They are well-handled and walk really well on a leash, but they know NOTHING about living in a house until they are adopted.

    They have never seen the inside of a house until they get stairs, mirrors, large windows, TV, slippery floors, toilets, .....
    It's like adopting a 70 pound puppy!

    However...None of mine have had an 'accident' in the house past the first day or two.

    My older boy - he'll be 7 in June and has been with us for 2 years - will mark every 10 feet when we're out walking.
    Same with my female who is almost 5. She is pretty dominant and 'pees like a boy' a lot of the time.
    However, the younger fellow who will be 4 in June, hardly ever marks when out on our walks.

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    Dec. 11, 2005
    Castle Rock, CO


    Neutered my 10 year old Malinois - didnt fix a thing...
    Hickstead 1996-2011 Godspeed
    " Hickstead is simply the best and He lives forever in our hearts"
    Akasha 1992-2012 - I will always love you sweet girl.

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