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    Mar. 23, 2005
    the evergreen state!

    Default Quadrille, anyone? (and any local PNW resources?)

    I am interested in hearing your stories on how you set up a team, found a coach, how often you practiced, etc?

    Also, any interenet resources you can point me to?

    I'm in the Pacific Northwest (western washington), and would love to know of any groups, clubs, teams, instructors, shows, etc...



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    Mar. 13, 2006
    Sno County


    Check with the Whatcom County Dressage and Eventing Association, they might have some resources for you to check.

    Good luck
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    Aug. 6, 2011

    Default DVCTA 2011 DAD Quadrille

    You might try Anne: for some help
    she driving force for the DVCTA Quadrille

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    Apr. 22, 2011
    the Armpit of the Nation


    I only quadrilled because I had to. I was on the college team and did exhibitions, and also did a quadrille at USET. I HATED it, and so did Horsie. It was kinda fun in college-we were all on schoolies, and they knew what they were doing, but the 3rd L one was excruciating, mostly because we didn't have much practice time together, since we were from different barns. Our coach was a self-confessed freestyle/quadrille guru, but the choreography never quite jelled, and I remember Coach's frustrated red face most of all--

    Good times.
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    Jun. 13, 2001


    The tests are on the USDF site. It is easier to have people in the barn. If you are all educated riders (who can watch each other and 'rate' the speed of their horses), it takes about once a week. If not, it takes more time and practice, to learn those skills. All you really need is a person who can watch the alignment, say turn 'now'/etc. If not, then get a coach. (A group I (both much larger and as a quadrille) won a lot in CA years ago. ) Its fun and great for the horses to learn to 'work well' with others. If they do not work in pairs (in all gaits), then (initially) work on that.
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