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    Default Spin off of Cauliflower: "It's just like chocolate!"

    Some said you could make that holier-than-thou healthy vegetable into something resembling I'll-burn-in he11-later mashed potatoes.

    So give your other "fakes"--your healthy recipes that could fool anyone into thinking they were eating something sinfully good.

    Nota bene: If you weren't impressed or fooled, don't post here. This is not a bait-n-switch kind of discussion. You can lecture us on the healthfulness of your way of life. But we might get bored. This thread is for the people who want to have their cake and eat it, too.
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    Decadent fudge without the incredibly huge amounts of cream and butter:

    One cup vegan chocolate chips (sweetened)
    One cup natural peanut butter or almond butter
    One half cup chopped pecans
    One half cup maple syrup

    Melt on low or in a double boiler, mixing continuously (add nuts later, after the chocolate has softened)

    Glob by spoonfuls onto waxed paper

    Cool in fridge


    For more decadence, you can roll them in chopped nuts, powered sugar, or cocoa powder.

    They're not completely healthy, but they could be a lot worse!
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    I have found I actually prefer using cauliflower in the place of rice in stir fry recipes. I posted this link on the other page: I do not like cauliflower mashed tastes like mashed cauliflower, and to make it taste better you'd have to add enough cheese/butter to make it not worthwhile. I do enjoy roasted cauliflower though.

    I am practicing Dukan, and have actually discovered that I enjoy the Dukan pancakes. I make it either savory (add chives, dill, etc) or sweet (vanilla & splenda). It's satisfying without all the guilt of regular pancakes.

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