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    Default Need Fish Free Dry before I pull my hair out

    I have a 13 year old who gets UTI's if he eats any fish.

    He's damn picky....won't touch raw, dehydrated, canned.

    We have had him on Nature's Variety Limited Diet for about 6 months now and suddenly he decided...not eating that anymore. I wasn't fully aware (they eat free choice), until I picked him up one day and realized he is getting skinny (and yes, he has had a recent blood panel pulled).

    Ended up buying a bag of Nature's Variety Rabbit, even had fish in it. Held my breath for the first week...he was happy, eating UTI. We're into the third week and of course the UTI comes now he is on antibotics and back to snubbing his food bowl (put the Limited Diet..bought a new bag, hoping that would solve the problem) and refusing to eat.

    I can't seem to find a high quality dry kibble without fish. I could go back to California Natural...but not impressed with that company since it was bought out....same with Wellness....

    Any suggestions?

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    Natural Balance has a line of limited ingredient diets; they should have several that do not have fish. Venison and sweet potato is one I've used. Now whether your dog will approve is another story, lol.

    NB isn't *super* high quality, but it's probably on par with California Natural (which I also prefer not to use now that it's owned by P&G). Have you looked at Instinct or TOTW formulas? I know TOTW has multiple proteins in most/all their formulas, but I think there's at least one that doesn't have fish.

    Good luck. It sucks trying to feed a dog who can only have some things and not others.
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    I'm going through food angst myself. On my thread, Acana lamb and apple was recommended, as well as one of their chicken recipes. I can't do chicken, but I will be switching to the lamb and apple. Acana seems to be quite well-regarded by the knowledgeable folk around here. I was on Natural Balance, and after researching, it really is quite inferior to something like Acana for the price. It's very high-carb. I would like to be on Orijen, honestly, but I'm currently battling the apparently common myth that high-protein kibble is bad for kidneys with my vet so I'm trying to find a good compromise.

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    It's cheap, it's quick, it's easy, BUT it's not good for free choice. Cook ground turkey and rice with either chicken or beef broth (you can add carrots or other veggies if you'd like too). 1 batch will last for about a week depending upon the size of your dog. And, it won't contain any fish. Good luck.

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    How about Pinnacle?

    I feed the Peak and like it quite a bit. Switched to that after being disappointed with EVO after the P&G purchase. The Peak has Salmon Oil in it, but there are other varieties that are fish free.

    There's also Canine Caviar:

    Brother's Complete:


    Pure Vita:

    Tuscan Natural:

    I have a huge spreadsheet that lists about 300 kibbles, mostly ultra premium, with data on protein, fiber, fat, kcal, calcium and top three ingredients. It won't help you hugely, because fish is usually farther down, but if you'd like to see it just shoot me your email. It might be useful as a list of brands to check, if nothing else.
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