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    Default Cats and dementia

    My 15 year old persian girl is in very good health, apart from the following behavioral issues: she howls. Will just stand there in the middle of a room, or even right next to you, and howl. She is not deaf, nor is she blind.

    She also has been pooping in very inappropriate places. I'm addressing this issue by moving litter boxes, so hopefully this will decrease.

    Does anybody know if there is an aricept equivalent for cats? Taking her to see the vet this afternoon to generally check everything out.
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    There are many causes of perceived senility in cats, ranging from arthritis to hyperthyroidism to hypertension. A vet visit is absolutely your first stop to rule out some of these major, treatable causes. There is nothing labeled currently for use in cats for senility, but some SSRIs and medications labeled for dogs (like Anipryl/Selegiline) have been used off-label for cats with some success. Definitely speak to your vet about these options if it appears your girl checks out healthwise.
    This is actually a pretty good summary on senility in cats.

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    My old girl had the same problems. Howling especially. Amitryptiline (not spelled correctly-sorry) fixed her for a couple of years. It took about two weeks for it to kick in and then the change was amazing. It's bitter, so you need to use the Pill Pockets with it. I can not emphasize enough what a life changer this med was for us. After it started working, the vet wrote a script for it and I filled it at Wal-Mart-WAY cheaper than buying it at the vets. Good luck to you. This stuff is worth a try, but it takes a few weeks to start working. Good luck and please post if this or something else works for you. It's such a common problem it seems.

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    My old girl who lived to be 21 went 'senile'. We didn't medicate. She would sit in on the stairs, always on the 4th stair, and yowl at absolutely nothing.

    We thought she was deaf, and could 'feel' the vibrations of her voice resonating in the stairwell there... but we'd call her later on and shake her food can and she'd come. She wasn't deaf, just feline-senile!

    I don't know that there's any meds for it.. have many studies been done on such a topic? I 'spose Google could conjure up a bit of info..

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    Nov. 18, 2010


    We switched the litter box to a smaller one when our old cat could not get into the large covered one. It was messy but it worked and was better than the alternative-her not using a litter box.

    Our cat would howl and she wanted to be petted. She wanted love and her family close at all times when she was awake. Hope is well with your kitty.

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    Sometimes that kind of behavior (the howling) can be a seizure. Kitty needs a blood work up including thyroid. About the senile drugs I don't know of any. I don't know if anybody has tried using human drugs off label either.
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