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    Now I don't ride dressage, in fact I have never ridden dressage. However, my daughter rides both dressage and hunters, so I am a professional horse show mom.

    I was perusing ads and came across one for a 16 yo dressage schoolmaster trained up to PSG, and could go up to GP, but the quote that caught my eye was "In his younger days he did Prelim eventing. But now that he is older he needs the easier life of a dressage horse."

    Now I realize this is a H/J person, but from what I have observed dressage horses are every bit the amazing athletes of their counterparts that hop over fences. I am certainly not picking on the person who placed the ad, I just thought it was an interesting comment.
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    Eventing IS harder on a horse's body than dressage. That doesn't mean dressage is easy. Easier, yes!

    This person advertised this horse as a dressage schoolmaster who has the training(muscles and mind) for it and despite his previous career, it would be preferable not to go on a cross with him.

    Some people might know the horse and maybe buy him because they know he was a good eventer but the owner doesn't think he would be physically or mentally fair for this horse to be switched back?

    When a horse is fit and well trained at certain level, it becomes easier for him to perform at that level. And harder to switch to another higher level or a different discipline.

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