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    Default beach riding - Atlantic Beach NC

    Hey guys! I've posted about this before but I am going to a different part of NC this time, in Atlantic Beach. I've found a couple of places that offer beach rides but can anyone recommend anywhere in particular and/or places to stay away from? I don't want to be that annoying person who comes in all like "Hey I can ride so I can gallop right??" because you know they get that all the time, but I would like to find somewhere that will allow experienced riders to ride at their experience level, if that makes sense. I am going in early May if that helps. Thanks!!
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    I've been to Cedar Island stables. I'll PT you about what I didn't like, but I will say I had fun. Experienced riders were allowed to gallop on the beach at certain times. She had the beginners walk ahead and then we got to gallop to catch up. I had a fun little QH that was fast, and really enjoyed myself.
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