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    Default The bio mechanics of clean flying changes and those that cross cantering?

    Free natural canter, not with rider. What makes one horse be a clean flying change machine? What makes another horse canter catywampus seemingly unknowingly without fixing it? My 2 yr old filly (uphill build) is almost always pure at the canter, and does clean flying changes. If she is ever out of whack (rarely) she fixes it immediately. My 4 yr old filly (uphill build) is also always clean, does tempi changes and never ever cross canters. There is a homie (more uphill build than the fillies and a super jumper) i know that is sometimes pure and clean canter, and then other times canters about in cross canter.

    What makes one horse one way and the other the other way? Im sure there are a million and one answers. Conformation, balance, slope of croup, hock angle, hoof balance, age and stage of growth, the breed, the parents. The above 3 horses have really good hind ends and hock action. The fillies are both dwb and the honie is wb with tb in bloodlines. Fillies parents had great canters and flying changes. I have seen the honies mom who also occasionally did the same thing when free. Not so much under saddle.
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    I have no idea myself but owned one horse that cross countered almost every time on the lunge and in the pasture yet never once undersaddle. So maybe a lot of it is balance issues? Since when carrying himself correctly it was never an issues. I don't know.
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