I have a 6 yo Perch/TB gelding that over the summer sprained his left hind flexor tendon, and he presented with swelling, heat, and lameness...after 2 weeks of stall rest and hand walking he was fine....he has been sound ever since...last night I noticed that in that same leg he has swelling above the fetlock, both inside and outside, but there is absolutely no heat, and he willingly worked at a walk and trot with no visible lameness, the swelling was no better or worse after a 30 minute workout....it is snowy, icy, and the ground outside is very hard...he has also in the last week gotten turned out in the arena and run like an idiot...I have scar tissue in my ankle and it regularly swells with no pain? could this be similar to that? i heard of horses presenting similarly to this with windgalls, any thoughts on that? or could this be the result of stressing the old injury on the rough ground outside in his pasture? I am planning on moving to a new barn in 5 weeks for him to begin some retraining before the summer show season...i dont want to make the move if there is an issue, but i also cant afford all the fancy tests the vet will want to do...I know he always retains extra fluid around his joints, i was thinking about trying SmartTendon and seeing if this might help in addition to his joint supplements he is already on...any ideas?