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    Default Dressage Saddle Hunt

    I am on the hunt for a used dressage saddle. However, I am not sure what size I need and there are no saddle fitter immediately located in the area.

    I currently ride in a 17 1/2 close contact. While I am only 5'5"", I have a long femur and am somewhat hippy. Should I be looking at dressage saddles with an 18 inch seat? Also - does anyone have a picture that reflects a dressage saddle that fits the rider properly? Thank you!!!!

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    May. 5, 2011


    It will depend on the saddle what size you'll need. Loose 'rule' is go up an inch. If its a super deep seat, you'll need a bigger seat size than with a flatter seat.

    FWIW, I have a very flat CC Stubben that is 16.5". My dressage model (also a Stubben) is a 17.5". Conventionally speaking, its probably a little big for me, but I am comfortable in it. I've ridden in the 16.5" version of the same saddle and it got the job done and wasn't uncomfortable - I just *like* the bigger ones better. I actually wanted an 18" seat in the same model, but couldn't find it. I feel like the balance point in the bigger seats was at a better point. My very tall friend's 19" Niederseuss with a deeper seat than my Stubben fit me fine as well.

    I'm also 5'5" with a long femur.

    These aren't the best pictures, but they're all I have on the computer at the moment.
    This is my Aramis (Stubben dressage saddle, really tiny blocks and a half deep seat):

    This is my Siegfried II (Stubben CC, really flat seat no real blocks or anything):

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    I suggest you contact Trumbull Mountain. They can walk you through taking tracings of your horse's back and your own measurements and going from there. Very knowledgeable and helpful. They also have a ton of new and used saddles, an excellent trial policy, and can advise you appropriately. I have had much success with them.

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    Feb. 19, 2011
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    I am 5'2 and ride in 17" short flap. I somehow ended up with an 18" short flap. You can see the difference between how the two saddles fit me. I could ride in both all day long but I swim in 18".

    First horse is 18" saddle.
    Second horse is 17" saddle.

    I really dont need that 18" saddle and would be happy to part with it.

    Sorry if the pictures turn out small. Still trying to figure that out. Taken indoors so lighting isn't the best.

    Genetics can be so interesting. Incidently, these two twins are full siblings that I bred. Very similar markings including blaze and belly spots except gelding is missing front stockings.
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