Hi All. Avoiding details since this is not an ad and I am not selling right now...

I am thinking about scaling back or stopping my breeding endeavors. Although I breed for jumpers, I have one mare in particular who is a beautiful hunter type and was in training to be an A show hunter when she had a mild injury and came to me. I know she would excel as a hunter broodmare and have considered breeding her as a hunter personally, but now that I'm shifting gears I am thinking of selling or leasing some of my mares.

She is a very special girl and of course I want to be sure she is well cared for if she goes anywhere. I would like to contact some of the breeders I know for suggestions and advice, but thought I'd ask for other suggestions of your favorite reliable, honest, horsemen/horsewomen who are hunter breeders, too.

Even if I don't end up deciding to sell, I might find a stallion I want to breed her to! Who knows.