He is a 16.3 bay gelding. No socks. Has a snip and if you're facing him he has a thick strip that goes halfway up his face (from the strip on his nose) and that leans more toward the left side. This facial marking is completely absent from the right, you will not even notice it unless you are looking at his left side or looking at him straight on.

He came with no papers. Vet guesses his age is about 10 or 11 based on his teeth. Leaning more toward 10. I got him from a friend, who got him from a preacher. Preacher had used him as a "pony up" horse for his daughter.

He is very brave and seems to have had some basic work in dressage and jumping.

There is a brand that says "Lee" on his right side if you are facing him. I know this could probably help me get his history, but I don't know how to go about researching brands. If you think you know this guy, let me know! I would love to know where he came from I absolutely adore him