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    Default Calling Saddle Experts again :)

    Someone posted a steal of deal saddle JES Elite - but i've never sat in one. I love the Wave. Has anyone else sat in both and are they similar?

    FWIW, i'm also really comfy in Passier Optimum, but hate the GG Gilbert and other popular model. I sat in Sommer and those are NOT for me. However, I LOVED the Hennig sofa. I haven't sat in a Hennig Classic. Do the Sofa and Classic feel very different?

    thanks so much!

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    I haven't sat in a JES elite, but there is a HUGE difference in some of the Schleese saddles in terms of the balance point for the rider.

    I do very well in the ones that are center balanced, but terrible in those that have a forward balance. Some people are very sensitive to that aspect of saddle fitting so you may want to look into that. Schleese can provide you with the info if you contact them. If you think it's a good candidate AND can get it on trial then it might be worth checking out.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Schleese only does warranty transfers for saddles that (I think) were made in 2007 and later. Or maybe it's 2006, I don't recall. Transfer costs about $500.

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    I have a Customized Jes Advanced and it is a center ballance saddle. It is a little more rearward than a GG, more neutral like a oldschool Passier Baum or a Passier GB. Not like the wave too much. There is more 'constuction' to it than the wave. The Jes models are built for women with a woman's hips, have a narrow twist and make room for the thighs, and set back/extend the stirrup bars so you can get your leg right underneath you where it Needs to be. The rise of the pommel is gentle and rounded to keep our hoohoo from getting rubbed raw ( somethng the Schleese CHB do with a vengance).

    I would buy another Jes Advanced (or elite) in a heartbeat if I found one that fit me, was in good shape and I needed yet another saddle. ( Noooooo, no more tack, I have to stop buying tack, I'm still finding things I didn't know I had.)

    Teek (tackaholic, yes, I Do have a problem)

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    Jun. 7, 2006
    Michigan North Pole


    Hey Thanks all!

    Ok, questions lead to more questions. What does "forward balance" seat mean versus "center balance?"

    These saddles i LOVE: Passier Optimum, Hennig Sofa, Schleese Wave. Are these forward balance seats or not and how can i tell?

    I do not like huge thigh blocks and a seat that "forces" me in to position. The Sommer saddles felt like that to me. They made my pelvis feel tipped from the top - making me feel like my bum was sticking out like a duck with a hollow back. Yuck.

    The JES Elite looks like a more "open" type of seat - am i right?

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    I have an Elite. I tried a Wave-it was too forward for me. Any centre balance saddles put me in an awful chair seat. I have the wide hipped, big thigh, knock knee'd conformation that seems to create dressage saddle fitting nightmares. The Elite helps me sit way, way better with my toes forward not out, and I can actually sit up properly (having said that I still ride like crap but it's not the saddle's fault-it has helped a lot-now I have to break some bad habits). It was worth the fortune I spent (even used) and while I was going to try and find one cheaper, the saddle fitter I used has been fabulous so I bought it (it was a trade in she had-she used to work for Schleese and is now an independent fitter).
    "Those who know the least often know it the loudest."

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    I have a Wave - LOVE it. My friend has a JES Elite... I HATE it. Much wider through seat and more open. Also the one in the auction looks older... and I would want to check with Schleese that it really does have the adjustable tree. There are older JES Elite's out there that do not.

    There are Waves going for reasonable (AKA under 3K) on ebay a lot.

    Becky & the boys
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