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    Default Shipper Recommendations ON to AB


    I need to ship a 2 year old from Ontario to Alberta, and was looking for shipper recommendations.

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    I just did the opposite in May, Alberta to Ontario. I used Perry transport, mainly because of availabilty and they returned my emails promptly. The only problem I had was they were way off on the pickup time of the horse in Alberta and since it was my friends that were bringing her to the dropoff point that was a bit of pain. But they arrived in Ontario when they said they would, with just enough time calling me in advance, that I could drive the 2 hours to the dropoff site to pick her up. They could bring her right to me but I had a trailer and this way was cheaper.

    I paid roughly $1800 including tax (I think) And I bought a large tie stall. They had extra space and put her in a box stall. The trailer (well its a semi) wasn't as well ventilated as I expected, especially since this was a special request I made because me mare can have respiratory problems. And I requested no straw and while she didn't have straw, others on the trailer did. But she got here without incident. It was roughly a 48 hour drive (Edmonton to just north of Toronto).

    My other option that I would have likely chosen if they had a trip planned for when I wanted was Twilight Hauling based out of Sherwood Park. They quoted roughly the same as Perry but it was slightly cheaper because tax is only 5% GST, no HST. Smaller company but were really professional when I talked to them. Smaller truck/trailer too.

    As an aside, the trailer my horse came here on was also shipping alpacas!! Now we used to have neighbours that had llamas and an alpaca so it was no big deal to her, but I know other horses who FREAK near weird livestock!

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    I had a mare hauled from On to AB this year and used HoovesnHounds based out of BC. She just had a regular stall and it was $1500 for the trip. The trip was a bit longer than I would have normally liked as I think she was on the road about 4 days and when she arrived it took her a little bit to get her "sea legs". But all in all it went o.k.

    You could also check with Elliot Transport, they have a nice big rig and hauled a foal for me this fall from AB to CT for a very reasonable price. They also make the trip quite frequently from coast to coast.
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    Have used all of the above that posters suggested and happy with them all (only one we haven't used or heard of is HoovesnHounds).

    You could also try International Horse Transport - we've used them the most over the years, and they do regular runs from Ontario to Alberta and return.
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    Shipped a weanling from VA to Alberta with IHT - loved than!

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    When I have sold horses out west I have used several different ones. You are best to call a bunch and get quotes and the prices will really vary depending on the size of rig going out there and how many horses are going.

    IHT and Mary Mykytyn are usually the cheaper option. GandH hauling is one of the "new" ones I have a client using. He has a truck going west the start of Feb.

    Perry is great but almost always a bit more $$$ for the trips heading out west. They are great for KY or FL.

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    I have used Carolyn of Hooves N' Hounds, and I have also used Mary Mykytyn and been very pleased with the horses' care en route and their good service. I would highly recommend them. They both have a very large trailer that can handle even the tallest of horses. The last horse I shipped from Ontario to Alberta was with Mary and that mare was 17.3 hands and arrived quite comfortable.

    One transporter I was very displeased with was Thompson Horse Van Lines - I had 4 horses to go from BC to Alberta, told them they were warmbloods, 2 of whom were 17 hands and 1600 pounds. I specifically requested their air ride semi tractor. And I paid the rather substantial fee up front because they were supposedly among the "best in the business". They showed up at 4 AM with a filthy standard-sized horse trailer that was completely unsuitable and much too small. I refused to load my horses and he threatened to leave. I called their 24-hour service line to complain and they said that's all they had available and would not refund my money if I refused the ride. I rather pointedly told her and the driver that I was very annoyed with this very poor customer service. To not load them would mean our family moved and left the horses behind without care since my trusted horsee friend was away on vacation, so that was an even worse option. It was an uncomfortable trip for my gelding and big mare who were unable to raise their head off the floor. My yearling arrived sicker than a dog with an extremely high fever due to whatever contamination was in their filthy trailer and she spent the next 2 days in hospital. I went from being dismayed and annoyed to furious. I will never use them again and don't recommend them to anyone.
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    I have used many of the companies mentioned above. I used Perry Transport twice (cross country trips) with no problems and they were a bit cheaper than International.

    I have used International once (cross country trip), and I was pretty peeved that they did not feed the Ulcerguard that I provided, despite the very, very clear instructions that I gave the driver, the dispatcher, wrote on the medication box, wrote on a laminated instruction card, etc . . .

    I have used Thompson's on numerous occasions and always had good service. In fact, they were there in 15 minutes when my filly went septic and needed to go to the hospital. Plus, they called me a few weeks later because they were worried since they were never called to bring her home and they wanted to know if she was ok (she was fine, I just got someone else to drive her home)

    I have only ever used Hoove's n Hounds for a short trip and the service was fine.

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