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    Dec. 21, 2005
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    Default I can call it a barn if I want to. Itty bitty barn committee?

    It only measures 32x16, but I'll darned well call it a barn if I please.

    My shed expansion is currently taking place and you have no idea how excited I am. To have a dry feed and tack rooms adjoining my run-in will make a world of difference here in the rainy Northwest, and I am so looking forward to grooming and tacking up in a dry space.

    The project is barely underway, but I'll have all the materials together by Monday and we got half the rafters up today.

    I have decided to quit calling it "the shed expansion" and go ahead with the B word.

    Who else has a microbarn? Anyone want to share a picture?
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    Nov. 4, 2003
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    Dec. 17, 2007
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    Hey-a barn is a barn!
    We had a 24 x 36 metal one that was mainly for hay/tack/blanket storage, with some stalls for emergencies, weather, or stall rest. Until.....the tornado sent it sailing across the fields behind us and smashed it into the fences and trees.
    Horses were out, not a scratch on them.

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    May. 15, 2007
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    Yay for your official "barn"!

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    Mar. 14, 2007


    I do! I do!

    hahaha...but sure that you've seen it already. Its still (!) a work in progress and I've shared pix before:

    thats showing the latest updates, but this

    earlier one shows the paddocks/land lay out a bit better.

    Mine is an 'older outbuilding' adaptation/add on . I have all along lovingly referred to it as my "little ghetto barn" but COTH friends have told me I can't call it that anymore.

    stall / aisle area is just over 20x24, and attached run in is 24x12. There is an attached 20x24 on the opposite end, but that won't be 'barn' part.

    my aisle holds a corner tack box which is my 'tack room' and its just two stalls.

    But I LOVE the 'Itty Bitty Barn Committee" and want to be a charter member!

    Nothing like the thrill of really HAVING a little barn for the first time, is it!!!?? Just today, I'm up early to get ready to go hook up trailer at my boarding barn, and haul it with my latest Craigslist find in the back: my new corian counter and sink for my outdoor washrack!

    Can't bring pony this time, as that sucker takes up the entire trailer!

    Anyway...enjoy your very own barn. I SO understand your excitement! Congrats!!!
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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Around here, people call these barns without shame.
    They are very neat to have around and portable.
    When they move, they take them with them:

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    Mar. 21, 2011


    Mine is a 12x24 divided into 2 "stalls" that have 8 foot wide sliding doors, so it serves as a run-in most of the time. Attached along one of the long sides is an 8x16 storage/tack area that holds shavings (bagged around here) a few bales of hay at a time, the wheelbarrow and other tools, 85% of the tack I own, grooming supplies and other misc stuff. I have had visitors who own much larger and fancier barns admire this one for it's light (all natural-no electric), ventilation and efficiency of design and function. It sits on graded stone dust with mats all around - not the fanciest, but it's mine!!

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    Feb. 28, 2006
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    I'll call mine a barnlet once it's all done. And I'll even post pictures, promise!
    I really like the gobob website, lots of good ideas in regards to moving the portable ones around.
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    Jan. 18, 2010


    My barn is 12x30 (3 stalls) plus an overhang, so the roof measure 22x30. I love it! Have 2 horses, use the 3rd stall as tack/feed room.

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    Jan. 26, 2006
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    As a note what you call something does effect its value. We called our Barn a Garage when having the place reappraised for a loan...changed the value from $20,000 to $60,000

    For tax purposes it is a Shed

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    I think they count as barns!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    Around here, people call these barns without shame.
    They are very neat to have around and portable.
    When they move, they take them with them:
    I'd like one of those for hay and tack or something similar. I have seen similar sheds on Craigslist locally, but don't know much about the builder. Their prices are really reasonable, and locally I could at least check them out myself- but I'd consider from other sources. We have a 6 stall center aisle (36x36) and hay and tack have their own stalls. I'm hoping to get a lease horse in the spring so we'll have 4, and I have a potential baby I'm interested in, too. Having the stalls empty would make it easier to shuffle as needed/desired...

    The tax issue is a very good point! We poured a footer for our barn, so it is technically called a portable building and classified with sheds. If we had poured a complete foundation it would be called an additional building and taxed more heavily (plus it would require more approvals, etc.) Technically, the barn is moveable - nothing's really permanently in place, but it's awfully solid given the name.
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