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    Aug. 8, 2005

    Default I think my kitty is missing some brain cells

    She occasionally steps in her poo while attempting to bury it Seems like it is most likely to occur when I happen to be around her as she is using the litter box and perhaps I am a distraction...then she loses focus and a foot lands in poop. Poo gets smushed between her toes and I get to scrub and disinfect her back feet/the floor/the sink/the bathroom counter top/myself/etc. Ick. At least she is a good sport about bathing. I have had a number of other kitties before, but I have never had this problem. Do you think she is just speshul?? FYI this doesn't happen very often, maybe once every 2 months.

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    Jun. 30, 2006
    SF Bay Area, California


    I also have a speshul kitty. Thankfully, he doesn't step in his poop, but sometimes when he is finished, he will scratch the wall instead of pawing the litter...
    Proud owner of a Slaughter-Bound TB from a feedlot, and her surprise baby...!

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    Aug. 13, 2008


    She sounds speshul, but what cat isn't in some way? Maybe she has ADD, since she seems easily distracted by your presence. Either way, at least that is one things my cats don't drive me crazy over.

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    Oct. 28, 2007


    How old is she?
    My 17 yr old has changed her habits, she was always a wall scratcher( scratches inappropriately far away from her deposit), but now she doesn't bury at all.
    Either it's the great litter, which controls the smell, so she doesn't feel the need(arm and hammer) or her habits have just changed.
    Perhaps you can change the depth of your litter (make it deeper), or give her a larger litterboxes, so she can walk around it, rather than though it. My kitties really appreciate the oval, over-large box now.

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