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    Default Using Frozen Semen (Canine) Advice

    I have frozen semen from my magnificent GSD, lost 2 years ago. I have a female GSD that I bought after doing extensive research on my male's pedigree and family and found one that was similar in breeding. She is spectacular, both parents imported, working lines and titled. I'll have her OFA'd in March and plan to breed her with the frozen in April when she cycles. I am a novice with this -- after breeding horses for 30 plus years. However, we have some repro specialists in the area and I want to use the trans-cervical procedure (have a vet near enough that is good with it). Just wondered if anyone would care to share any information on their experiences with AI and frozen semen and using trans-cervical as opposed to a surgical procedure. Any information regarding expenses is appreciated as well. It seems a lot more pricey than shipping and using frozen semen AI on a mare! We will do the progesterone protocol prior to breeding. TIA

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    Having gone through this recently with one of mine (unfortunately not successfully). We just rebred her with chilled semen. Fingers crossed again!

    -I would do a consult with the vet you are using right at the beginning of her cycle. This is a good time to discuss how often you want to check progesterone, any cultures that need to be done, brucellosis testing, etc
    -I have followed my bitch through multiple cycles so know how she tends to cycle (but it can vary cycle to cycle). I start pulling progesterone on day 6/7. Then check every other day until rises above 2.0. The other important progesterone is the day it goes above 5.0.
    -We save serum from each time we pulled blood (freezing it) so that we could back and measure LH around the time the progesterone went above 2.0. This is helpful for frozen to know when LH spikes and saves you from having to check it every day.
    -We did two tci breedings. In her case we did them 24 hours apart. Some vets prefer one tci followed by surgical implantation.
    -Costwise-I paid $150/TCI. But of course dependent on how many progesterones, these can really add up. Consult +/- culture +/- brucellosis testing, progesterones, +/- LH, TCI's, etc. With me paying cost for progesterone (work at vet clinic), I think on the frozen semen cycle I think we spent over $1,000. That doesn't include the frozen semen costs (collecting, storage, shipping, etc). And no pregnancy...

    Besides OFA of hips/elbows I would strongly recommend having the eyes cerf'ed, thyroid checked, and anything else recommended by the german sheperd club. You may have already done this of course.

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