So, long story short I was supposed to be stabled out in Lox for WEF, which I wasn't thrilled with, but ok. My trainer told me today that they already have one out there and it's not working so I should get a stall on the grounds. I would, but my horse is probably only going to show for 2 weeks (he's a Baby Green) even though he'll be there for 10 and I really want him to have turn-out. I have a place on the back burner that I am ready to go, but it's still farther out then I would prefer.

If anyone knows of a good barn with turnout and a nice ring that can keep it at a somewhat reasonable price please, PM me, I am starting to panic as my horse arrives the 26th!! I know WEF, and I do understand that I am going to being paying, which is fine for the right care! Thanks in advance!!!