I have just aquired my colt... from midatlantic horse rescue..
He is a TB he was born in april and he is very confirmationally correct. hes a big boy and is going to be a big boy when he grows up. he is very... very intellegent and has alot of common sense.

so my question to everyone is... where do i start? what would you recommend in training methods, have you used these training methods before or witnessed them being used and what kind of results to you see or get from the horse?

I have broke and trained horses a long time ago, in many different types of disciplines. where would you start? what would you work on with him as a yearling, two yr old, 3 yr old, and so on..

now mind you.... its been a very long time since ive started a horse from basically scratch in training. and i have never trained a horse for eventing/jumping. so this is the reason for my question.

any info is appreciated!