We talk a lot about problems when breeding and selling . I just want to start a post about how lovely it is when things go right...having just lost a stallion I am particularly happy about finding a good match for a Section D Welsh Cob I sold this month. I put a lot of effort into my young horses and sale horses. I find them the trainer that will teach them to be the happy cheerful citizens that we seem to need with todays customers. I am sometimes getting them started with one trainer and then sending them to another who doesn't do starting anymore.

All along I knew I would be selling as older started young horses and honestly for me that is the most rewarding and fun to watch...and less worry placing them. I need to make sure they can be ridden by the person who buys them and that they will not go off into a pasture to grow up and maybe not get started later by someone who does a good job. I feel more secure about their forever futures if I KNOW the proper start happened.

I find I love to see my babies in their wonderful new homes and how exciting it is to have people I don't know saying they met the horse I sold and how much they love it. Some now are learning about Irish Draughts from the young gelding I sold and they want one just like him...it just makes me very happy. PatO