I am looking for a home for my 12 hand Hackney Pony. I just do not have the time for him and he really prefers to have a job.

Peddler is 19 this year but shows no signs of his age. He is broke to ride and drive, but is not recommended for children without an adult present.

I would describe him at best as green broke to ride. As soon as you get on he wants to go and if you hold him back he will start to buck. If you let him walk off immediately, he is fine. I ride him in a snaffle, but he has been shown saddleseat in a full bridle as well. Trail pony extraordinary, keeps up with big horses no problem. W/T/C and knows his leads. Shows potential for jumping, when he is being lunged will pull me till he can go over a jump.

Peddler is a dream to drive. Absolutely knows his job. Will stand to be hitched and when he was in work I could hitch him by myself. I showed him pleasure driving, but he was a road pony before. Also taught my mother with limited experience how to drive.

He is due for sping shots, which I will cover, but is up to date on worming and trimming. Currently barefoot, can be shod but has very hardy little feet. Can be a bit nervous on the ground when separated from his herd and around men. This is why I would not recommend for small children unless an adult is handling him on the ground. No kicking and clips easily.

I love this pony but he needs a job. Would free lease as I still have dreams of my not even planned yet children showing him, but would also consider giving him to a good, permanent home. He would also make a great companion as he is small and stays fat on nothing. Very easy keeper but I have never had to limit his pasture, either.

Please PM me for pictures or more information. Very nice pony, deserves someone to give him attention.