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    Default Hairballs

    I have an 8 year old Maine Coon Cat...needless to say, he's very fluffy. He came from the shelter four years ago on Science Diet kibble, so I kept him on that, along with a little canned food to make sure he has some liquid in his diet, though he is a good water drinker. I was feeding him the Science Diet Hairball control and he was doing fine on it. A couple of months ago, I decided that I really didn't like what was in the Science Diet, so I switched him to a better kibble.

    NOW, he's having real problems with hairballs...hacking and coughing with lots of drama. Brushing him to keep the loose hair down would be the obvious answer, but he HATES it and I end up with bloody hands every time I try. He keeps himself pretty darned clean and never has mats (probably why the hairballs are such an issue).

    Do I put him back on the Science Diet? Is there something else I can feed him to help him with his hairball problems? Sometimes he sounds like he's going to die, coughing those things up and I can't imagine it's a pleasant experience for him.
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    Petsmart carries a hairball control gel made by GNC Pets. It's chicken flavored and my cats love it. Works for mine.

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    I found the Furminator really helps to thin out my cats long hairy coat. And I can get it through her in one swipe, wait and then try it again. She is a scratcher but with the built in razor there is no pulling out roots that you'd get with a comb.

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    Laxatone is a product that works great. Get it at your pet store. Just swipe some on kitty's paw each morning and kitty will lick it off and get rid of hairball issues. I had a major furball and this stuff worked great.

    Just don't try to shove it in kitty's mouth! Ouch, I still have scars.

    This stuff saved my carpets from kitty hair ball puke!
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