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    Sep. 26, 2008

    Default Help, adding the second dog...

    Ok, we were a two pet household, one cat and one GSP 7month old puppy.

    We just added yesterday a approx. 4 year old female Doberman.

    All pets are altered, and so far its going pretty well but...(you knew there was going to be a "but")

    our GSP is having the hardest time adjusting, the Doberman is totally ignoring the cat and is bonding with my husband and me and is doing well playing with the GSP, but the GSP is well obnoxious, one of the reasons we wanted an adult dog to add is to hopefull teach the pup what we can't.

    pup has always played well with other dogs but is a obnoxious goober

    there have been a few incidents where the Doberman has had to set boundaries with the GSP and everytime we have called her off she has backed off, it just sounds so awful she growls so deeply and he will squeal on his back with her over him mouth on throat

    I know they are sorting out the new situation but help please with advise and articles and personal advise/stories, I don't want to take her back she is great but for this and I know that part of it is the GSP pup

    my husband is worried that our GSP may get hurt

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    Dec. 20, 2009


    Some years ago after losing an old dog, my younger one was pining away. So I went to find her a friend. She is Shep/Chow/Collie and a very gentle dog. New friend, who was 7 months old came in; he is chow/golden retriever. The older female often put him upside down and held him down the same way; he would just wiggle and wave his legs. It happens much less now (5 yrs later) but she is 11... After the first few times of watching and thinking she was going to kill him I got over it.

    Does the Dobie (or the pup) have a place for "time out". She may need a break periodically!

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    Dec. 31, 2000
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    Puppies lose their "puppy license" to be PITA's (and not be disciplined by adult dogs) around 5 or 6 months of age. It sounds like your female is teaching him manners. As long as she isn't actually hurting him, I'd let her teach him. He'll end up with much better doggie manners.
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    You should step in more quickly and calmly but firmly correct the pup/direct the pups attention elsewhere. The older one seems to be doing a good job of teaching the obnoxious one, but for the sake of the older dog it's good if she doesn't feel like she is alone in correcting the puppy. If the people step in and divert the young obnoxious one before the older one has to correct it, it will make everyone more comfortable. It doesn't have to be a loud or extreme correction, just a calm and secure "no, enough".... Or giving the dog a rope toy to chew on instead.

    Another thing, you said you just introduced the new dog yesterday. It's still very new, give it more time before giving up. Your pup would probably act like this with any new dog, and it sounds like you picked a good second dog since she IS backing off and giving fair warnings, as loud and scary as they may sound. Don't correct the new one too harshly if at all, she is being pretty fair about it if the puppy really is being rude.

    Take them on walks together, get them out there and exploring, exercising their minds and bodies at the same time, together. It's great bonding for everyone involved.

    All the best!

    edit to add, i agree to let the older dog do some corrections, it's good for the puppy. Just sometimes, especially if the older one has had to correct him a few times already, just step in and help her.
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    Sep. 26, 2008



    they have been able to go out in the pasture and run and tumble and play, and have been doing so very well, they do great there and take turns chasing each other

    they each have thier own kennel, right now she is in her kennel and he is laying on a dog beg, she does better in the kennel than he does and is happy with her rawhide and being able to chill without goober being well a goober

    when they have the corrections/spats I tell them to quit/stop and when they do its done and over with no further corrections for either side from me

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    Dec. 20, 2009


    OP your Dobie sounds like a very nice girl. I've never had one but have a couple of friends who believe they are the ONLY type of dog on the planet, and the ones those people have had were really nice dogs also. Good luck w/ her - and the GOOBER!

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    My 'old man' (who is a 12 year old lab mix) was a godsend when we got James (a hound mix) as a 12 week old puppy. He was like a grandpa to him. As James got older, though, TC would put him into his place. James would cry out, but he was never hurt and it was over in a flash.

    James is now 2 years old and wants to continue to be 'the baby.' TC plays with him all the time, but when James tries to bite at his tail or becomes too annoying, TC will put him in his place. It's over in about 2.5 seconds, I tell them both to knock it off, and James always runs back to TC, asking for forgiveness (which TC does when they lick one another's face).

    As long as no one is getting hurt, and you're fairly certain that the 'spat' won't become something more, I think all will be well in doggyland.
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