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    Default stall rest

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    Maybe not, but this is a question for your vet to answer.

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    not much you can do but put her back in the stall and wait and see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damrock Farm View Post
    Maybe not, but this is a question for your vet to answer.
    ^This. I'd be checking in with the vet as they may have some specific instructions on how to deal with this (hopefully minor) setback. When my SO was walking my horse with dual bowed tendons (I was injured and unable to do the walking but was at the barn), horse got away and ran himself silly in the arena before we could get him caught. I was on the phone immediately with my vet and he had us doing some anti-inflammatories and Game Ready ice treatments to help keep any damage to the minimum. I think our current walk plan changed too, and got him back to the vet for a look pretty soon after that...all turned out well for us, but it sure was scary.

    Hope it turns out as well for you! But I'd sure give the vet a call to see how they wish to proceed. Good luck!

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    Hope by now you have heard back from your vet, and have a plan of action!!!!
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    Crap happens. Not much you can do about it now except start from scratch and hope for the best!

    Some of the airs-above-the-ground and cantering 3-meter circles while on "stall rest" that Keebler did with his foot still bandaged from DDFT surgery were quite spectacular and he might have done less banging around on the foot if I'd taken him out cross country a week after surgery. He was fine.
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    I agree with the others at calling your vet.

    He/she might give you further instructions to prevent inflammation such as cold hosing along with stall rest.

    I have read about a horse with a tendon injury galloping and jumping over things on the property and the next ultrasound showing no signs of damage to the repair.

    so in all likelyhood, she should be fine!

    but, I'd still make a call.
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