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    Jan. 19, 2005

    Default Strongest heavy duty hay bags??

    Anyone have a fave that's lasted a long time? I have to feed my filly out of bags as this is the only thing she does not seem to be able to pee into. Yes, disgusting habit. And she's pretty hard on them.

    Need them to be able to hold a couple flakes and stand up to her constant pulling, swinging, biting, etc.

    I was looking at Stowaway by EasyCare but I don't want to spend double the price of a regular bag without getting some opinions of others first.


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    Nov. 22, 2005


    I am a big fan of the HealthE-Z hay feeder!(I am thinkingn they shouldmpay me for the promotions LOL!) It is a heavy duty plastic box with holes on each side for pulling mouthfuls out. Hangs on fence or stall and nearly industructible. Safe, they can use it as a football should it come off the wall but would be mighty hard to break and nothing they can get hurt on.

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    Sep. 23, 2003
    somewhere. out there.


    I highly recommend NibbleNets. Awesome product.

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    Jan. 9, 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by sign of Grace View Post
    Need them to be able to hold a couple flakes and stand up to her constant pulling, swinging, biting, etc.
    Nibble Net. Patrick is _most_ offended by anything that separates him from his food, and destroyed all of the cheaper bags I bought before I gave up and got him a Nibble Net.

    If I hose it off, it looks brand new.
    ... and Patrick

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    Sep. 2, 2005
    Upstate NY


    I have found all my small hole hay bags (various brands) hold up just fine to pulling and tugging (and being rubbed on like a scratching post and even pulverized into the ground when I make an error hanging it).

    Probably the most heavy duty is the Freedom Feeder brand.

    The nice thing about using a small hole hay net is you can hang it lower with out worry of a hoof getting stuck in it, since the holes are too small.

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    Oct. 23, 2004
    Sisters, Oregon


    My vote is for the Nibble Nets. I have several and they are very tough and durable.
    Kanoe Godby
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    Jun. 22, 2006
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    I feed with small hole hay nets too, and all of mine are super durable. I have the Millers/Rods ones with the ring on the bottom. And I have the huge ones from Shires.

    I also have a Cinch Chix one.

    Though a horse can't put a foot through, they CAN catch the end of a SHOE. All my horses are barefoot.

    Here's what ours look like in the stall shelters we feed in
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