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    Default HITS cross entry restrictions

    Would like to better understand the smaller divisions and their cross entry restrictions. I am helping my trainer this year with the little ones at Ocala. We have a kid who plans to do the short stirrup equitation as she is not yet ready for her age group equation, however she would also like to try the level 0 jumpers. Is this cross entry allowed? In my experience the height difference was not allowed.

    I'd like to better understand the cross entry restrictions better in general now that I've been helping with entries and show management for my trainer. Is there a website that can break this down for me?

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    It can vary depending on the show/zone/rated status but will be on the shows website or in the prize list. Or both.

    Check that to get the correct information for those specific shows.

    My guess is probably not...and if it is allowed it probably would be best not to. Kind of looks bad for a kid that's not ready for the 2'3" age group Eq and SS Hunters to be doing 2'6"/2'9" Jumpers.

    Sometimes just because you can does not mean you should.

    But don't forget the kid can start lower the first week they show and move up the next week, each weeks show is seperate.
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    I'd look at the Zone rules and the prize list for those unrated divisions. When in doubt, call the show secretary and ask. USEF rules aren't going to help you there.

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    Check the specs but I believe the short stirrup at HITS is only 18inches or maybe 2ft (if so it is a TINY 2ft). And the kids are usually pretty beginnerish from what I have seen in previous years. If I was a trainer/parent I would not be happy if a kid that was doing the level 0 jumpers came in and beat the little kids. JMHO.
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    Someone who's capable of a 2'7 jumper class shouldn't be competing in 18inch short stirrup equitation.

    If she's still eligible agewise for short stirrup, then her age group equitation would be either 11 & Under or 12-13, which are 2'3" or 2'6" at HITS? If she isn't ready for either of those, than how is she ready to try the jumper class?

    There's also the maiden (2') or novice (2'9) equitation divisions if she's eligible for those.

    Information about cross entry restrictions will be in the show's prize list. With divisions like short stirrup that are unrated, the height of fences and rider restrictions will depend on the individual show.
    Here's a link to a summary of HITS Ocala's class offerings:

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    A kid doing the level 0 jumpers should absolutely not do the short stirrup, even if by some loophole in the rules she is allowed to.

    I can't even imagine even considering sending a kid who can jump around nearly 3' in the jumper ring into the short stirrup!

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    normally there are restrictions on short stirrup, i.e. they can't jump over 2' in any other division at the show, or they are not eligibel for anything else but flat classes, so I would highly doubt that she can do the jumper classes too. But check the prize list and make a call if you need to.

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