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    Default Ewwww...tick!

    We just pulled a tick off of poor Olive (will be 2 in March, cocker spaniel x aussie shepard) for the first and hopefully only time. EWWWW! It was actually walking on the tissue we deposited it onto...gag. I do think we got the head out, but there's still a little lump where the tick was, and if that doesn't go down in the next day or so we'll take her to the vet. But how gross! Poor bubba!
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    We live with ticks.... Sad but true. If we went to the vet everytime they got bitten, we'd never leave.

    If the tick was crawling, then you most likely got it all out. Generally they are not thought to transmit Lyme if they have not been latched on for more than 24 hours but people do argue about that around here since Lyme is so prevalent. If it was a deer tick it would be tiny (size of a pin head)....wood ticks are generally bigger (1-2mm across or so when not engorged?) and do not transmit Lyme.

    They usually do have a little bite swelling, just like bee stings and horse flies. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    I would LOVE to live somewhere where one tick was a big event -- and I'm not being sarcastic!!

    I hate ticks, but have TONS of them; the dog even with frontline usually has one or two one him. Horses -- can have ten or twenty if not frontlined . . . I used to have a white dog that would get literally 40 ticks crawling or biting him every time I took him for a walk on the farm.


    (And PS, agree, you don't have to go to the vet (unless you want to) for a lump where the tick was. It is the body's reaction to a bug bite, like you can get with a mosquito bite. My horses sometimes have stronger reactions, my dogs not so much.

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