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    This may sound crazy, but sushi is the "least fishy" way to prepare fish to me. I am not a big cooked fish eater because I hate that fishy taste, but some nice white tuna sushi is amazing!
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    Salmon is normally "too fishy" for me, but my mom has a super easy recipe that removes the fishiness.

    Dill Butter Salmon steak

    take a salmon steak (or several) and place in a glass/pyrex baking dish.

    Pour just enough milk over them to cover the bottom of the dish.

    Add a glop of butter to the top of each steak, and sprinkle with dill.

    Cover with wax paper and put in microwave for 4-6 minutes depending on microwave power.

    Fish should be flakey when done,and split with a fork.

    For you milk haters, you don't taste ANY milk, when done. It merely absorbs the fishy taste.

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    Default Do you know anyone who fishes?

    Mr P fishes and I have become a fish snob. ANY fish has got to be fresh, like no more than 12 hours out of the water, for me to enjoy it.
    Other than salmon with this
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    Growing up right on the LI, NY, waterfront, except for sea urchin roe (which I hate), I've pretty much tried every other type/form of seafood & have loved them all - depending on preparation.

    My advice to you is to pay less attention to the TYPE of seafood, & more to its PREPARATION. Outside of dark-blue-fleshed fish like Bluefish & Mackerel, I can't imagine that any other type of fish couldn't be prepared in a healthy way that would appeal to you.

    Look for "white fish recipes" online. Not "whitefish" recipes, since "Whitefish" is a specific type of small fish, just "white fish recipes". Also "tuna steak recipes" & "swordfish recipes" (although recipes for both are interchangeable).

    Choose simple recipes that look like they don't totally mask the fish. The idea isn't to get you to "choke it down, even if you hate it", but to get you to sample & enjoy the flavors.

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    I'm not sure where you're located but when you decide to try fish again try to get a hold of fish that's less than 12 hours old for starters. This way you set yourself up for the best possible chance of liking it. Fish doesn't have to smell or taste fishy, it can if its been sitting around too long or its a top predator type of fish--kind of like how a land carnivores meat wouldn't taste as good as a herbivore.

    Ever since I moved to NZ I've been spoiled with good fish, when I go back home to North America I don't even want to walk by the fish area of the grocery store that sells fish portions all wrapped up in plastic, yuck. If you have a chance to vacation on a coast or island seek out fresh caught fish. Also I'd stick with fish others have suggested, try a simply white fish that's low on the food chain. If you like the flavour of butter, garlic or whatever try to pair your fish dish with a sauce that you like. One of my relatives who loves anything BBQ'd and isn't so fond of fish likes salmon brushed with hickory sauce roasted skin down on the BBQ (salmon has a stronger taste but it holds up much better on the BBQ).

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    Flounder, but make sure it's fresh! We oven bake it with a light seasoning of Mrs Dash and a thin slice of lemon on top.

    Shrimp are another option and are versatile. Again, they must be fresh. I like them grilled on a skewer with a dash of chili powder.

    I'm a big fan of steamed or raw oysters with a touch of drawn butter, but that may be a bit much for a beginner.
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    Tilapia and flounder are good, but mahi mahi is the BEST! Mild, not fishy at all, and can be prepared in so many ways that you're bound to find SOMETHING you like.
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    Like Marengo, I got quite spoiled by eating very fresh fish.

    Buying it in the grocery store is a waste of time, but sushi bars really are the best places as a rule, nationally, to get good fresh well prepared fish. Unless you want to move to the coast and go to the fish market or buy blast frozen albacore fresh off the boat or eat at Alioto's in SF or Landry's in Tampa it's going to have been too long in transit at the grocery store. Frozen fish, therefore, is a better buy because it hasn't had time to decay. Your fishes eyes should be plump and glossy, not sunken and turning white, and it really shouldn't smell fishy.
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