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    Default Fish for a fish hater

    I am a lifelong seafood hater. Have learned to tolerate some fried, fish like objects (calamari, shellfish) but otherwise it makes my stomach turn. My brain needs all the help it can get! What's a good starter fish?

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    Perch. It's about the only fish I can handle other than the occasional tuna sandwich.
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    Flounder. Very, very mild.

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    white fish, like cod, and pollock. They are like the "chicken" of the sea. They absorb what ever spice you sprinkle on them. They are meaty and yummy too. Try them breaded first, then grilled or broiled or sauted.

    Once you become comfortable with white fish, then you can dive into the world of fish tuna, salmon, trout. I would steer clear of fresh water at first, stick with ocean fish.

    Fish is delicious !

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    Swordfish on the grill with lemon dill butter. Eat the white meat. It has to be fresh. Expensive but fully worth it.

    Also, flounder is a mild fish. If you lightly bread it, season it (lemon pepper is good but there are plenty of seasinong mixes made for fish) and bake it you might like it. Also, use tartar sauce.

    The only problem is that once you do what you need to do to make it less 'fishy' you have pretty much erased the health benefits!

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    What about Tuna? Not canned stuff, but a Tuna steak. It is a meaty type of fish.

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    This!!! my school of rowdies.

    Seriously though, Why would you need to force yourself to eat something you are not fond of? I can not think of a situation where a person would be thought less of if they chose chicken before fish.

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    Tuna steak is really delicious, salmon is an easy first fish. Just order it at a restaurant (or steal off a friend's plate) where you know it's going to be cooked properly.

    Then again I rarely eat seafood (although I looooove it) for political/ecological reasons, so I say eat more grass-fed beef
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    Just take an Omega 3 supplement and then no worries about eating fish...keep the caplets in the fridge and you won't even burp up any fishy taste!

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    Feb. 6, 2003


    If you're going for health benefits and brain food...stick with the shellfish. It's the highest octane of seafood besides salmon.
    Shellfish like mussels, clams and oysters. Shrimp...healthy as hell! Crab.
    Those rate way over finned fish for health food. (except salmon)

    So if you already like shellfish, stick with that. Just have 3 portions per week.
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    Tuna and swordfish are so high in mercury, I love them both but rarely eat them. My favorite is Chilean Seabass, which is mild and tastes really good with lots of cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. But it's very expensive. I like Mahi Mahi in fish tacos, with a ton of hot sauce, shredded cabbage, sour cream and good tortillas. But I agree with the PP who said if you don't like it, just avoid it and take a supplement.

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    So this might sound stupid, but what is it about Fish that you dont like? For me I HATE the texture!! But I had a boyfriend who was OBSESSED with Sushi so I finally broke down and started trying different stuff, turns out I LOVE raw fish, but still cannot stand cooked stuff, smoked OK, seared meh, and if its just a little too seared blah!! personally I LOVE tuna!!!

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    I eat a ton of fish because my DH goes fishing in the Bay/Ocean every weekend.

    I would actually say Halibut, it's a white fish, the least "fishy" fish, and has a nice medium texture.

    Salmon and Tuna have a distinct taste that you either like or hate. Cod tends to be fishy. Bass is good but the texture is more fishy and not as meaty.

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    I have always loved seafood but hated any kind of fish but then I realize I really hadn't tried fish since I was a small child. I tried some of my husband fish and chips at a restuarant and realized that I LOVE fish. I just needed to try it again and try something other than trout (yuck)! I suggest starting with a mild cod or halibut
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    Mako shark. It doesn't have a typical fish flavor or texture, grills beautifully, and is very mild in flavor, so you can add whatever spices you want.

    Also whitefish like cod, flounder, haddock, etc. If you're in New England, scrod can encompass any of these (it is not an actual fish itself) but all are similar and mild. Try it fried first and then move toward other ways.

    While it IS good for you, if you hate it, don't worry too much. Have grilled or baked chicken instead and take fish oil capsules for the omega-3's.

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    Oct. 15, 2001


    Tilapia is awesome. Buttery, melts in your mouth, great texture, doesn't taste fishy. I've had it with everything from curries to mango salsas to just plain baked, and it just seems to go with a lot of flavors.

    Snapper and grouper are also pretty easy to eat and not very fishy. Mahi Mahi is another good one. I'm not sure the warm water fishes provide the health benefits that some of the colder water fishes do, but they are my favorites.

    I can't stand eating the "scrod" fishes, I have a hard time with the texture and I do find them to taste "fishy".

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    Tuna Nigiri (that is a small lump of rice with a slice of raw tuna...Sushi....
    Besides, you don't get a whole lot, so if it's not to your liking, you don't have a whole plate of fish.
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    Tilapia or orange roughy. If I'm going to eat a flaky white fish, I like either of those.

    Salmon, of course but it is fishy.

    All time favorite though is himachi. Like eating butter. Or a nice tuna with a light sear. That's pretty much like eating a rare steak if you can take the texture. Very dense and meaty.

    Oh and the fresher the better, just like anything else!

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    Please check the Seafood Watch Guide before ordering/buying a lot of the above suggestions. Chilean Seabass is one of the worst you can buy not only for the environmental concerns (they're apex predators, take forever to reproduce, very overfished), but also for your own health (very high in mercury because of how high on the foodchain they are). It's starting to become a huge crisis that few people seem to know about.

    They also make iPhone/Android apps for a quick reference on the go.

    Orange Roughy used to be my favorite mildly flavored, flakey-textured fish. But it's severely overfished these days so mahi mahi is a favorite. Halibut and blackcod (aka Monkfish and sablefish) are also good. Sometimes Ahi can be a little fishy but the texture is more meaty, and if seared quickly can be really great.

    Also, I would highly recommend trying good sushi. It won't be cheap, but I've found GOOD sushi to be really fresh tasting and not at all fishy (in fact it's the only way I can stand to eat salmon). The freshness and method of cooking really has so much to do with whether you like fish or not, I think. I unequivocally hated salmon until I had it as sushi (my mom gets everything cooked to hockey puck level...steak, chicken, fish, tofu, and despises anything sushi or even seared, so that's what I grew up with. No wonder I hated it). Once I had it raw, I loved the delicate, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

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    I am a sushi fanatic, and will eat just about anything. I live with a life long fish hater who ironically is the best fisherman I know (we both are passionate about fishing). From my experience I will say sushi is not the place for a fish hater to start. Not saying sushi tastes fishy, it doesn't at all, its very clean, but fish haters seem to really get nauseated by the idea of eating raw.

    If you like fried, try fish n chips at a pub, or a Mc Fish sandwich, or fish sticks, etc. Breaded/battered and fried hides texture and you can dump malt vinegar or tons of lemon or tartar sauce on top.

    Or better yet, treat yourself to a dinner at a great restaurant and have flounder imperial (flounder filet stuffed with crab meat).

    Agreed keep to firm white fleshed fish, they are the mildest and least likely to be fishy of all. Tilapia, flounder, perch.

    I would stay away from chilean sea bass unless at a very upscale restaurant. CSB is very prized and valuable. Many markets and restaurants freeze and refreeze it to avoid throwing it away if unsold. I have had the worst luck buying fresh CSB than anything else, and I've had bad luck at one restaurant too, it always tastes aged and fishy when its been kept around for ages. When fresh, it is one of the tastiest fish ever though.

    I would not suggest trying to prepare some for yourself, if you undercook it you'll gross yourself out, and if you get an even mildly fishy piece from the market your whole house will stink for a few days and you'll learn to hate fish even more. Treat yourself to dinners out.

    Last night we were eating striped bass (rockfish) we caught, filet and froze two weeks earlier (we had a great striper season this year! freezer packed!). You couldn't ask for a tastier fish and even then the SO was being picky.

    Op good for you to keep trying at a food you dislike. Peoples' tastes can change dramatically in their lifetimes. My SO used to not touch fish with a 10 foot pole, but has come around enough he even had some snapper bluefish I caught and made a few weeks ago. Thats huge for him. Only food I won't touch is nuts, I don't like the texture. But I'll try cashews every once in a while to keep trying.
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