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    Default Katy Gives a Riding Lesson

    to Mr. Lori B!

    Mr. Lori B has long been convinced that horse handling and riding are dangerous and more or less incomprehensible activities. But today, on a lark, I invited him to come out to the barn for a ride and a visit w/ Ms. KatyBug. I expected he would say no, but he said yes, and off we went.

    Besides snorting and shying away from the noisy fence charger near the gate when we went to fetch her, Katy was saintly. We mainly walked around a bunch and got the feel of things, inside the ring and outside (on a longe line). The last time Mr. Lori B rode a horse was a guided trail ride in 2006, so this was a big step. There may even be future riding activities.

    Sorry no photos, but I know he wouldn't have stood for it.

    I don't expect him to take up this sport, but we have talked about future vacations that include some riding (dude ranch anyone?), and he agreed that such things would be a lot more fun if he had a little practice beforehand. And it's fun to see my two favorite critters getting to know each other.

    At the end of his walking around, I got on, and let her canter each way around the ring, and trotted over an X. After we were done, we walked up to Mr. Lori B. He petted her on the nose and said "Good doggie." (He says Katy's like a really big dog.)
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    That's sweet! So glad to hear that Katy took good care of him.
    ~ A true friend knows all there is to know about you and still likes you. -E. Hubbard

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