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    Sep. 16, 2006

    Question Best way to figure out a lease?

    Miracle of miracles, I think I've found someone to lease out my guy this spring and summer. I wasn't looking for a lease, but it would help me financially and keep my horse busy while I'm gone for a month this summer.

    It will be a bit of a weird lease, though. My horse is a retiree coming back out of retirement and while he can be a bit hard to handle on the ground, the potential leasee knows all his issues and I trust her totally.

    The weird part comes in with what my guy is capable of doing. He's restricted to flat work only, not even poles or cavalletti, and not much cantering due to his issues. Leasee is fully aware of his issues and is still interested in a lease. He can definitely still help her with improving her riding skills, though, but obviously won't be the same as leasing a horse who isn't as limited as he is in what he can do.

    So, how to go about doing this? She's thinking it'll be a little cheaper than a normal half-lease (3 days a week) since there are restrictions to what she can do and I agree.

    Here's kinda what we've played out:
    - She gets him twice a week.
    - One ride is a lesson from me (I used to be her trainer) and no charge for the lesson. (Lessons used to be $60/private lesson)

    and that's it. Do I do a charge per ride, like $25? Do I ask her to pay half his maintenance expenses, like his joint supplements? Or half his board plus joint supplement?

    I don't want to split everything (board, farrier, ALL supplements, etc). I think that'd be a little unfair because there are some things he can't/shouldn't do. Any thoughts?

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    Jun. 18, 2006
    SE VA


    I guess it depends on where you are and the facilities, but I did two days a week at $120 per month. Averages to $15 per ride. I didn't have any "bites" when I was advertising the lease at a little higher rate, plus I wanted the person leasing to be flexible on days so I could work it around my husband's work schedule. My friend at the same barn leased her horse out 2 days a week for $130 per month. Neither are ├╝ber fancy, but they are safe, versatile and all around good boys. Im sure you will find a very wide range of prices and arrangments though.

    Remember, you can make the lease whatever you want as long as both parties are in agreement. I would also suggest a written contract and liability release. Consider a commercial liability insurance policy too (not sure if you are covered already since you mentioned you were her trainer).

    One other thing to consider - Decide ahead of time (and put into a written contract) things like whether you will reimburse her for missed rides due to lameness or weather.
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