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    Default Another, "should I go to the doctor." Wrist/Joint Pain.

    So I came down the THE crud that's going around on Xmas day. Hung around punkish for a few days, and the Wednesday took a serious turn for the worse: exhausted, spiking fever, chills, couldn't breathe, uncontrollable coughing, etc.

    The other symptom was agonzing, and I mean agonizing, joint pain and weakness. My right knee, my left shoulder, my neck, and both my wrists, though left much worse than the right. I couldn't walk, and could barely use my hands.

    Got in to the doc on Friday, and they discovered pneumonia, an ear infection, and told me the joint thing was due to my spiking fever. Antibiotics, rest, etc.

    So now it's Sunday, I feel MUCh better. Except for my wrists/hands. I can't turn them, can't close them, can't bear weight, and they just ACHE. When I try to do something with them, the ache turns into a stabbing pain down my arm. Mr. PF had to help me pull my pants on this morning.

    Every other symptom is significantly improved. But I am seriously debilitated right now, and starting to wonder if this is unrelated to the other illness after all? And if I should go back to the doctor and if so, how fast?

    (It took me 35 minutes to type this! Grrr!)
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    Being the kind of person who would rather pay a bill for nothing, than find out its something serious that could of been corrected early w/o complications-I'd say get another opinion or have the same Dr. look at it again.(sorry for the run on)

    good luck,

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    If everything else is better but your wrists and hands then Yes, go back to the doctor. Something is definitely wrong and its better to treat things earlier than later.

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    Get a Lyme test done too...ask for both.
    Lyme disease often starts with flu-like symptoms and seriously achy joints.

    However it could also be the pneumonia and high-spiking fever wreaking havoc on joint fluid. It definitely happens and can linger for a bit until that fluid rights itself.

    But still ask for a Lyme test...mainly because undiagnosed Lyme long term is a really bad thing. But early diagnosis normally results in a full cure. Just to be safe. And hope you feel 100% soon!
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    Your symptoms do not sound normal. Call your doctor. They may have you go to the ER for a chest x-ray and some blood work for a basic arthritis work up, including a Lyme test. Hopefully it is all viral, but most people with pneumonia don't get joint pain. Are you on a sulfa antibiotic? Some people get joint swelling and pain if they are allergic to the antibiotic.

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    I just wanted to stop by and add a vote for calling the doctor! That doesn't sound normal, and it doesn't sound like something you should let go for too long. Get it checked out, at least for peace of mind.

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    I agree with MistyBlue. When I had all those same symptoms it was Lyme Disease.

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