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    Default Purchasing my first trailer - 2008 Adam WB

    I have been trailer shopping for.ever. Literally. I am looking to purchase in the next 30 days, and it will be my first trailer and first buying experience.

    I like a lot of them. I hate most of them. So many aren't practical. Some only have a few of the features I want.

    I've been looking at a 2008 Adam WB with side ramp, dressing room, BP for 6+ months.

    The dealer's asking price is the same as a 2012 model with basically the same features.

    I LOVE this trailer. I don't LOVE the price. This trailer has everything I want/need, and is easy enough to load a horse in, put up/down ramps, etc. for my daughters, who will no doubt be assisting me when we haul. It's important to have a functional trailer for myself and my husband (motorcycles.)

    I know that trailers hold their value pretty well, but how much wiggle room can I expect to have for a trailer that is 4 years old, compared to a newer model at the same price?

    I will be paying cash, but like most, have a budget that I need to stick with. I do not want to finance.

    Does anyone have any experience with this particular trailer, advice, suggestions?


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    I can't help too much other than to say I have a 2008 Adams WB 2+1 style like you are looking at and its been a great trailer. I can only suggest pulling up every trailer sales listing you can find on line and see the other prices for used.
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    Go in, offer cash a bit lower than your ideal price, be ready to walk if they don't come down (even trailers aren't selling well in this economy).

    Then get up and walk away. Chances are, they will call you back to accept your offer.

    I would not pay cost for new for a 4 year old trailer, no matter how much you like it. Let them know - if they won't deal after you explain you know a new one costs the same as the asking price - that you're on your way to another trailer dealer to look at new trailers. Don't make it a threat, just say you need to keep looking...
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    I had an Adams trailer and it held value very well. Loved the trailer! I would recommend that you see how much you can get one from the manufacturer directly for (I bought in VA where they build them)... they sometimes discount the previous year's version.

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    I have an Adam as well and it really is a great and thoughtfully designed trailer, I think you will love it. I can't help you on price, but I'd say make an offer. The worst they can do is say no and then you make another offer.

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