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    Jun. 18, 2007

    Default SmartPak Strikes Again! Portion Pak Dog Food

    I'd asked a month or so ago if anybody had tried this. Anyway, I did order a trial month of lamb and rice for my Bernese, and it did indeed make a noticeable difference to myself and my vacuum cleaner in the shedding department. Within just a week, much less discard fur. I like the premeasured bags, too.

    So my trial month is almost up, and I got a note the next 28 days are about to ship out. Fine, I'm happy. Last time, I had some other stuff with the order. This time, only the dog food and I added some dog Source to try, just because I love horse Source. Dog food and dog Source totaled over $40. I figured that meets the $40 SmartPak or $75 anything free shipping.

    Credit card ran, and it seemed high to me. I went online to check, and my order was okay but included shipping. I sent a note to SmartPak concluding that the dog food does not count toward the $40. I would have thought it would, being individually prepared daily packets, but I admitted that I never actually read on their site that it did. Just seemed to be in the same group (individually measured and prepared daily things for your critter), so I had assumed it and got what assumers tend to get. I wasn't blaming SmartPak, admitted that I had misunderstood this on my end, but just gave them a suggestion that they make it more clear on their site that the daily food packets don't count toward the $40.

    Prompt reply from SmartPak acknowledging that this point isn't that clear on their website. They will pass it along to their webfolks. And meanwhile, they refunded me shipping, which I hadn't asked for, as it was my error of assumption. I wasn't aiming for that, just giving them some website feedback.

    SmartPak rocks. (And lamb and rice Portion Paks really do cut down shedding, but make sure you don't count them toward $40 free shipping.)

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    Mar. 9, 2006
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    I've been using the Smartpak Livesmart dog food for about 4 years now! My old dog loved it (until he died), and then the new pup was raised on it. My friends all saw how wonderful it was for my dog, and they put three of their dogs on it. Now we combine all of our dog food orders, and get the free shipping! It took a little work in the beginning to get us all on the same schedule, but now it works great! My one friend cut her dog food bill from $90 per month - to $45 per month! She was feeding some Purina formula, but her dogs were eating almost 6 cups per day of it! She's had to keep backing her dogs down on the Livesmart, and they are now eating between 2-1/2 and 3 cups per day! She can't believe how much better her dogs are doing!

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    Jun. 29, 2008
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    My corgi has been on their livesmart food in the portion packs since puppyhood. He looks great and loves the food, and I love that his weight remains consistent and I don't have to run to the store at 10pm because the bag is empty. I just have it shipped with my horse's smartpaks.
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    Apr. 27, 2007
    Germantown MD


    I love their portion packs also. I wish SmartPak would make their own live smart grain free formula. I'd switch over pronto!

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