No plans to breed in the immediate future, and I admittedly know nothing about breeding.

That said, I'm on break (I'm a teacher). The man I live in sin with is at work. The house has been cleaned to death. I have a roast in the oven. I've even balanced my check book. I've already worked out and walked the dog and it is 8:15am.

I'm bored out of my mind.

So, I've been playing around looking at stallions.

What would you breeder folks recommend for the following mare:

8 yr old, 16h Oldenburg mare. By Pablito o/o a Cor Noir mare.

Has a jump that far exceeds my riding abilities
*She has no real show record as I've recently (financially)recovered from a divorce. Plans to hit some rated shows this summer.

Things I'd improve upon (feel free to identify other things that could be improved upon)
Freedom of shoulder/a bit more quickness in the air over fences, add a bit of leg length. Can be a pistol, so I'd avoid breeding to something that is known be super hot or impossible to deal with.

Things I like about her:
Has a huge motor, surprising amount of stamina, forward, very athletic, good work ethic, can be forgiving, sensitive.

IF I breed someday, it would be for me, but I'd still like something marketable as you never know what could happen.

I'd be open to considering registries outside Old NA, but would want to make sure the resulting foal could be registered (obviously would need to attend approvals with mare, etc.

So, if you are also bored feel free to throw out some suggestions.

Happy Holidays!